What is Michigan Known For?

Michigan is known for a lot. The Great Lakes are one (or five) of the biggest draws to our state. But the Mitten is known for more than having the longest freshwater coastline due to the lakes. Some of Michigan’s most popular cities have made a name for themselves. Learn more about the cities throughout our state and what they are known for below:

What is Ann Arbor, Michigan known for?

Ann Arbor is hard to pick one thing the city is known for. First off, it is home to the University of Michigan and The Big House, the largest college football stadium. Second, the is known for its diverse arts culture. The city is home to a variety of museums, galleries, and more. It is also well-known for its Ann Arbor Art Festival each summer. While visiting the city, you’ll want to check out Ann Arbor restaurants too. You’ll be drooling over so many options!

What is Detroit, Michigan known for?

Detroit is known as Motor City to many for a variety of reasons. It is home to the Big Three Automakers: Ford, General Motors, and (Fiat) Chrysler. Detroit is the first location with a stretch of paved highway and the city with the first four-way stop with a three-color light which also contributed to the Motor City nickname. Detroit is also the location for Michigan’s pro sports teams including the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers. 

What is Grand Rapids, Michigan known for?

Grand Rapids has been dubbed Beer City, USA. The city is home to a variety of well-known breweries that distribute their beer nationally, such as Founders, but also has an insane amount of smaller breweries that are only available locally. Before becoming Beer City, Grand Rapids was often called Furniture City since Herman Miller and Steelcase are both headquartered in the area.

What is Holland, Michigan known for?

Holland is home to the annual Tulip Time Festival, which starts the first full weekend in May. Throughout the city, you will find more than 5 million tulips. Holland is also home to the only authentic Dutch windmill in the United States. The De Zwaan windmill was constructed in the 1700s and brought over to Holland, Michigan in 1964.  

What is Kalamazoo, Michigan known for?

Like Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo is known for its beer. Noteworthy breweries include Arcadia Ales and Bell’s Brewery, which brings us Oberon each year. The city is also where famous baseball player, and now part-owner of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter grew up. The city is where Gibson Guitar Corporation got its start in 1902, which caused many famous musicians, such as Elvis Presley to visit the area. We can’t talk about Kalamazoo without the mention of the delicious Sweetwater’s Donut Mill too.

What is Mackinac Island known for?

Mackinac Island is known for being carless except for a few emergency vehicles. The hustle and bustle on the Island is from horse-drawn carriage taxis and bike riders. Mackinac Island is also home to delicious fudge and delectable restaurants. Don’t forget to check out historic Fort Mackinac too.

What is Traverse City, Michigan known for?

Traverse City has made a name for itself as a top vacation destination for both in-state and out-of-state travelers. The city has numerous wineries to visit and has a growing food scene, especially for food trucks. The city also holds the Michigan Cherry Festival each year. Michigan’s cherries have made a name for themselves. Large quantities of Montmorency cherries, a tart cherry, are produced each year.