10 Things Incoming Students Should Know Before Arriving at WMU

gmj-WMU-sign-recolored-750x499 For those incoming students attending Western Michigan University, it certainly helps to do a bit of research to understand the school culture, traditions, and where the best hang out spots are. So to help guide you, here are 10 things you should know as an incoming student at WMU.

1. Bronco Bash is one of the most exciting events on campus.

Bronco Bash is one of the most highly anticipated events to kick off the school year each fall. The welcome back festival welcomes more than 25,000 people featuring booths, local businesses, freebies, and more.

2. Make sure not to step on the W!

A lot of schools have traditions related to bad luck or failing a class, so make sure to follow this WMU tradition. As an unwritten rule, stepping on the giant “W” under the clock tower outside the WMU Library is considered bad luck.


3. Western is located in one of the top beer cities in the country.

Western Michigan University is in downtown Kalamazoo, one of the best beer cities in Michigan (not mention, the nation!). Kalamazoo features many famous local breweries including Bell’s, Arcadia Brewing, and more! In addition, the nightlife in Kalamazoo is one of the best, featuring many local bars. Stop by the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange where the popularity of beer determines the pricing, resembling the Stock Market.

4. Have breakfast at Crow’s Nest.

Students rave about the Crow’s Nest. While it might be an hour wait, it’s a hidden treasure in Kalamazoo serving some of the best breakfast.

5. Sweetwater’s Donut Mill will help your sweet tooth.

Speaking of breakfast, one of the most popular donut shops in the nation sits across the street from WMU: Sweetwater’s Donut Mill.

6. South Haven is just around the corner.

Not a lot of people realize how close South Haven really is to Western Michigan University. The beach is only 37 miles west of WMU. So on the weekends in September or late spring, it’s easy to take a day trip to the beach.

7. Western’s best kept secret: Two Fellas Grill.

Every university town has a place like Two Fellas. Located near campus, Two Fellas Grill serves grilled wraps, tots, sandwiches, and more.

8. Athletics are a big deal for Broncos.

Bronco students pride themselves for having the best school spirit. What’s even better? WMU students are admitted free to most athletic events with a valid Bronco ID. college-photo_13215.

9. The Student Recreation Center is where you’ll find most people hanging out.

The WMU Student Recreation Center is a $32 million facility located on campus. With everything from indoor pools, weight rooms, and fitness classes at WMU, the fitness center is one of the best places to hang out and work out. Oh, and the best part: students may use the facility for free with student enrollment.

10. WMU is known for its student organizations.

The best part about college is not everything has to be class related. Western Michigan University is highly regarded for its long list of student organizations, with more than 400 organizations on campus to participate in.