Wine Holidays

While Michigan may be known for its craft beer, the state also has an impressive wineries resume. Be sure to enjoy Michigan wine on these fun holidays.


February 18th – Global Drink Wine Day
February 23rd – Open That Bottle Day


Michigan Wine Month
May 3rd – International Sauvignon Blanc Day
May 9th – National Moscato Day
National Chardonnay Day – Thursday Before Memorial Day

Upcoming National Chardonnay Days:

  • 2021: Thursday, May 27th
  • 2022: Thursday, May 26th
  • 2023: Thursday, May 25th
May 25th – National Wine Day


National Rosé Day – Second Saturday of June

Drink Rosé on the following upcoming dates:

  • 2021: Saturday, June 12th
  • 2022: Saturday, June 11th
  • 2023: Saturday, June 10th


July 25th – Official Wine and Cheese Day


National Rosé Month
August 4th – National White Wine Day
August 18th – National Pinot Noir Day
August 28th – International Red Wine Day


International Cabernet Day – Thursday before Labor Day

International Cabernet Day will be celebrated on the following days in the upcoming years:

  • 2020: Thursday, September 3rd
  • 2021: Thursday, September 2nd
  • 2022: Thursday, September 1st


Drink Local Wine Week – Second Week of October

Drink Local Wine Week will be celebrated during the upcoming weeks:

  • 2020: Sunday, October 11th – Saturday, October 17th
  • 2021: Sunday, October 10th – Saturday, October 16th
  • 2022: Sunday, October 9th – Saturday, October 15th
October 15th – National Red Wine Day
Champagne Day – Third Friday of October

Celebrate Champagne Day on these days:

  • 2020: Friday, October 16th
  • 2021: Friday, October 15th
  • 2022: Friday, October 14th


November 7th – National Merlot Day
National Zinfandel Day – Third Wednesday of November
  • 2020: Wednesday, November 18th
  • 2021: Wednesday, November 17th
  • 2022: Wednesday, November 16th


December 4th – Official Cabernet Franc Day
December 20th – National Sangria Day