10 Things Incoming Students Should Know Before Arriving at Ferris State

Everyone says that college is the best time of your life and to take it all in because the next four years will fly by faster than you think. Well if that is true (which it is) here is a list of 10 things you have to do at Ferris State University before you graduate.

1. Attend Ferris Fest for live music and “shenanigans.”

One of the most known events held by the university is Ferris Fest, but as of Spring 2016 it is now called “Music Takes Action.” However, the students still refer to it as Ferris Fest because of all the shenanigans that take place. Each year the event brings in well-known musicians for an outdoor concert, and it is the one weekend you MUST stay at the college if you are looking to have fun.

2. Attend a Ferris State Bulldogs Men’s Ice Hockey Game and be part of the “Dawg Pound.”

The men’s ice hockey team at Ferris State is the only sport that is a NCAA Division 1 program for the university. Therefore, the hockey games bring in a lot of fans, enthusiasm, and competitive spirit at the the Ewigleben Arena in Big Rapids. The games are awesome and the student section is where you want to be – so make sure you buy student tickets!


3. Tube down the Muskegon River.

For students who stay in Big Rapids over the summer, a popular activity and old campus tradition is tubing down the Muskegon River. So make sure to get yourself a tube or rent one from Sawmill Canoe Livery in Big Rapids.

4. Brutus the Bulldog is your mascot – take a picture with him.

Did you even go to college if you don’t get a picture with the school mascot at least once?


5. Go Bowling at The Gate.

A fun Tuesday night attraction for Ferris is to go to The Gate for $1 bowling games and $1 shoe rentals. Not to mention they have $1 tacos and most beers are $1 – $2.

6. Eat the best burgers of your life at Schuberg’s Bar.

Schuberg’s Bar & Grill is known for their delicious, gourmet burgers that Ferris students constantly rave about. With over 22 burgers to choose from, you are sure to find at least one that will make you want to come back for more.

7. Go to the Homecoming Ferris State football game.

If you attend only one football game during your time at Ferris State, make sure it’s the homecoming game. The tailgating scene is a lot of fun and it brings in a lot of fans and alumni to the area. jzu9jo6g923ymexd

8. Visit Star Shooters.

The most popular bar and nightlife attraction for Ferris students is Star Shooters. It is really one of the only bars in Big Rapids, which means it’s not hard to find all of your friends and classmates while you are out at night.

9. Go to The Rock for an all you can eat dining experience.

The Rock Café is a dining hall on campus, so if you are student living on campus and have a meal plan than you are already set. This dining hall features a Mongolian grill, pasta area, stir fry, deli bar, soup/salad bar, burgers, pizza, bakery and more delicious items to indulge in.

10. Students actually love the Ferris State Library (FLITE).

The Ferris State University Library is a state-of-the-art 185,000 square-foot facility that features four different floors, study rooms, seminar rooms, and more. The building is newer, as it was created in March 2001, so nearly all of the material and equipment are new as well. FLITEPan