10 Things Incoming Students Should Know Before Arriving at MSU

College can be overwhelming especially when it is your first year or you are a transfer student. But, you just have to remember that college is one of the best times of your life. Michigan State University is a Big Ten school, it is number 75 on the top 100 universities in the world list, and the 38,000 students that attend MSU enjoy their time there. If you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student coming to MSU, here are 10 tips to help get you through the best four years of your life.

1. Take the 26 bus to Grand River.

Instead of taking the 31 bus to Grand River, take the 26 bus instead. The 26 bus stops at the same bus stop on Grand River as the 31 bus. It is also more likely to be at the CATA station than the 31 bus and usually the bus is less packed.


2. Campus Cinemas has free movies.

Campus Cinemas located in Wells Hall offers free movies for all MSU students. MSU students can also bring one guest for free.

3. Take advantage of the combo exchange.

If you are an on campus student with a meal plan, you are granted one combo exchange a day, which is basically a free meal. You can get one at any Sparty’s or Owen Hall.

4. MSU partakes in the “midnight scream.”

If you hear screams around midnight sometime during finals week, don’t worry! The midnight scream happens at midnight every night during finals week. People in the dorms open their windows and scream to release stress before their finals the next morning.

5. Buy snow boots and rain boots.

You will want a pair of quality snow boots and rain boots, especially if you are coming from a state that doesn’t experience all four seasons.

6. Get student football tickets.

With a school in the Big 10 Conference, you can expect there will always be a big football game at home, whether that is Ohio State or University of Michigan. If you can’t make it to a home game, you can easily transfer or sell your ticket to another MSU student.

Spartan Stadium

7. Avoid wearing your keys on a lanyard around your neck.

This only applies to you if you care if people know if you’re a freshman or not. Wearing your keys on a lanyard around your neck is an indicator that you are a freshman.

8. Wait to sell your books back.

Sell back your books at the beginning of the next semester coming up instead of the end of the semester that you just finished up. This is when the books are in high demand, and you will get the most money back when you sell them back at this time.

9. Watch where you park.

MSUPD is known for giving out tickets if you are parked in the wrong place. Just be sure to read the signs in front of a parking lot or structure before parking to make sure that you can park there.

10. “Go Green! Go White!”

When someone says “Go Green!” to you, you always should say “Go White!” in reply.

Go Green Go White