Romantic Restaurants in Grand Rapids

We all know it can be a real struggle to find somewhere to eat for date night that both you and your partner agree on. Luckily, Grand Rapids is full of many different romantic restaurants to make date night great! I’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down some of the best fancy restaurants in Grand Rapids that are sure to make it a night to remember. I’ve listed these restaurants in no particular order, but I will highlight some of the main features that make each place unique for your date night in Grand Rapids.

Mertens Prime

35 Oakes St SW, Grand Rapids | 616.551.1713 | Website

Step into Mertens Prime to experience classic French cuisine all nested into a restored 1914 hotel in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. This place is also home to one of Grand Rapids’ few rooftops where you can enjoy an appetizer or a refreshing drink. You won’t want to miss out on trying poutine and one of their many steak cuts here. Last, don’t forget a nice glass of wine to pair with your dinner!


60 Ottawa Ave NW, Grand Rapids | 616.454.6700 | Website

For a dinner to remember, take your special someone to Leo’s for divine seafood and drinks. From sea scallops to lobster, you definitely won’t be disappointed with what their menu has to offer. It checks off the mark for a fancy restaurant in Grand Rapids that will have you feeling like you’re in the heart of NYC enjoying dinner. To see for yourself what their menu has to offer, take a look here.

Margaux on the Deck

235 Louis Street NW, Grand Rapids | 616.242.1488 | Website

This is the perfect place to begin your date night in Grand Rapids by sitting on the patio by the water enjoying an appetizer and a cocktail. Especially with the summer weather being here, having a refreshment on their deck can’t be beaten. With a variety of small plates, cocktails, and wine, this is truly the best location to start off date night. Take a look at their menu yourself here.


187 Monrow Ave NW, Grand Rapids | 616.776.6425 | Website

Take a trip to Spain right here in Grand Rapids on the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza. Indulge in modern Spanish cuisine that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. You’re in for a treat with this carefully crafted menu that shows high attention to detail. If you want to take your date night to the next level, this is definitely the spot to be!

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