What People Miss When They Miss The Mitten…

Back in April Lexie Kimball wrote a piece called “What do you miss about Michigan since moving away?” and it hit on a lot of great points that her family and friends missed about Michigan. As someone who moved away from Michigan myself, I have my own thoughts on the topic, but I figured I’d toss out the idea to social media and see what kind of responses I got and tried to quantify the 60+ results to expand on that initial post. In no way is this scientific, but in an attempt to lump together the non-sarcastic and non-family and friends responses, this is a loose approximation of what people missed the most by category.

Missed from Michigan…

Best things about Michigan graph

I was a little surprised with the results as I grouped them. Particularly as someone who lives in Grand Rapids and is surrounded by the booming brewery culture. I figured there’d be a few more people crying over a missed opportunity for a KBS at Founder’s. However, truth be told that boom has been fairly recent, so a lot of ex-pats may not know what they’re missing there. Instead, I received a lot more responses around things that are more historically Michigan like iconic food and beverage, the two categories that followed up the lakes and outdoors category which was an easy winner.

Here are a some of the responses in their raw form.

I’d love to hear from more folks who have moved away at some point. What did you miss the most about Michigan?