What Do You Miss About Michigan Since Moving Away?

Life happens and sometimes you have to move from Michigan for a job, significant other, etc. As a young adult, I’ve had a lot of friends move away for jobs after college. I asked a few of them and some family members who have moved away what they missed most about Michigan. Here are some of the most common answers:

The Lakes

Living in Michigan we often take the Great Lakes for granted. We have so many beautiful beach towns including Grand Haven, Saugatuck, and South Haven along Lake Michigan and Tawas City, Harrisville, and Rogers City on Lake Huron. Let’s not forget Mackinaw where the two lakes meet too.

The Lakes extend beyond The Great Lakes too. Many people flock to Higgins Lake, Houghton Lake and hundreds of other inland lakes in the summer.

Beer & Wine

Michigan is lucky to have so many great breweries and craft beer selections. In fact, Grand Rapids has become known as the Beer Capital of the USA. With some big craft beer names such as Bell’s and Founders, Grand Rapids has definitely earned the title. Additionally, Kalamazoo has made a name for its self as another beer hotspot in Michigan.

Wine tours are very popular up north and another thing Michiganders miss. Traverse City is the most popular location for wine tours and also a great weekend getaway, which is another thing people miss when they move away…

Quick & Easy Weekend Getaways

Michigan has an abundance of weekend getaway locations. Many are the beach cities, such as Ludington and Bay City, but Michigan has a lot to offer for quick trips. Ann Arbor and East Lansing both are great locations for getaways; there is so much exploring to do on and around the campuses. Boyne City, Frankenmuth, and Marshall are also great weekend getaway locations.


You can’t find a better ginger ale than Vernors. It sounds silly, but it is true. And nothing is better when you’re sick than a Vernors. Why is it so hard to find Vernors outside of Michigan? It was created in Detroit by James Vernor so it stays close to home and has a dense history. Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vernors.

Michigan’s Seasons

The seasons are one thing we take for granted in Michigan. Sure, we all hate the long winter, but the beauty of spring when the grass turns green again and flowers start to bloom can’t be beat. Think about summer — it’s not too hot, not too cold — making it perfect for days at the beach, pool, or outside in general. And who can forget about fall, possibly Michigan’s best season. The leaves changing in the fall is breathtaking. Fall is also perfect for bonfires, a trip to the cider mill or pumpkin patch. Michigan’s seasons offer us a lot to be thankful for.

The State Pride

People that live in Michigan generally love Michigan. They love the ability to point to their hand and say, “I live here” or “I grew up here.” People love Michigan and they are proud of where they come from and that is pretty bonding.

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