Visiting Beaver Island

Beautify Beaver Island is one of the top travel destinations in Michigan, and for good reason. It is located in Northern Lake Michigan, and is miles away from the Michigan mainland. In fact, it is the most remote inhabited island in all of Lake Michigan. With beautiful beaches, a great town, friendly people and plenty to do, there are many reasons to visit Beaver Island.

About the Island

The island is about 14.5 miles long and 7 miles wide and is surrounded by several smaller islands that are not inhabited.

Beaver Island is also known as America’s Emerald Isle due to its large Irish populations in the past. Due to the Island’s seclusion from the mainland, the Island has a history of religious groups and even a “kingdom” calling Beaver Island home.

Getting There

By Plane – While there are no commercial flights to Beaver Island, the island has its own airport. This allows anyone with a private airplane to make the quick 9-minute flight to Beaver Island from the mainland. There are several pilots that offer flights to the island and they typically operate out of the Charlevoix Municipal airport.

By Boat – A ferry ride to the island is the most common way that tourists get to the island. The ferry operates through the Beaver Island Boat Company and you can find their ferry schedule, prices and even tours on their website. The ferry leaves for Beaver Island from the Charlevoix Dock.

If you own a yacht or cruiser, you can reserve a spot at the Beaver Island Municipal Marine, more commonly known as the Yacht Dock. Call to make a reservation and visit their website to learn more about pricing.

What To Do

Beaver Island Toy Museum – Beaver Island is filled with fun and quirky shops, and the Beaver Island Toy Museum is a must see place for kids of all ages and for adults who are kids at heart. Nearly all of their toys are old fashioned, meaning none require batteries of any kind.

Inland Lakes – Beaver Island has several sizeable inland lakes, which makes it great for a variety of activities. Whether you want to go kayaking, canoeing or do some fishing, the inland lakes are a great place for a variety of activities.

Beaches – The Beaver Island State Park controls most of the public beaches on the island. Given that Beaver Island is about 14.5 miles long and 7 miles wide, it is not difficult to find a spot on the beach to call your own for the day.

Trails – There are many trails for hiking and biking. Bring your hiking shoes or bike and explore the natural beauty of Beaver Island.

What to Eat

Stony Acre Grill & Donegal Danny’s Pub – The building used to be a dairy farm but has since been turned into a bar and restaurant. Great food and drinks and live music make Stony Acre Grill and Donegal Danny’s Pub a great go-to when looking for food or something to drink.

Where to Stay

The Brothers Place Lodge – If you’re looking for a place with a lot of character, the Brothers Place Lodge is a rustic north woods lodge with a lot of history.

Reasons To Go

The natural beauty of Beaver Island cannot be overestimated. The 26 miles separating the island from the rest of Michigan means that the vast majority of the island is completely uninhabited.

At the same time there are enough people on the island to provide the simple and most basic amenities needed to live comfortably on the island for a few days, a week or even a year. The island’s residents are also serious about maintaining the pristine water and natural beauty you find on Beaver Island.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation to Beaver Island today!

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