A Michigan Guide to Fat Tuesday

Get ready to eat anything and everything you want Michiganders! Fat Tuesday is tomorrow and we just can’t wait to indulge in all the paczki and sweet treats we possibly can. If you don’t know what Fat Tuesday is, it is the day before Ash Wednesday, also known as the first day of Lent for Christians. Ash Wednesday is the start of a fasting period for Christians, so Fat Tuesday is the opportunity to eat any and every food (especially paczki) that they can enjoy. So, to help make Fat Tuesday easier for people all around Michigan, here is the best place to get your favorite paczek.

Southeast Michigan

In nearly every bakery or donut shop in Southeast Michigan you’ll be able to find your favorite paczek. Donut Villa in Detroit is a popular bakery that typically offers eight different paczek flavors. Word of mouth is that you can’t get a better paczek from anywhere else in the area and if you do find one to let the owner know –he’ll make sure that they beat them.
Since a paczki is a polish food, what better place than going to a Polish Market to find the best one. Bozek’s Market in Sterling Heights offers a large selection of Polish sweets. They don’t make their paczki at the market, but instead at the family’s bakery and bring them in for Fat Tuesday. Try one for yourself and you’ll see that they are the real deal.

Southwest Michigan

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill in Kalamazoo aren’t like other ordinary paczki. They are made with a delicious time-tested recipe that has been perfected over the years. With 9 unique flavors to choose from, you’ll see why this paczek is different from the rest.

Image: Only in Your State

West Michigan

Cookies & Cream, Reese’s, and other gourmet flavors of paczki are made at this famous West Michigan bakery. Ryke’s Bakery, Catering & Café in Muskegon is known for their gourmet paczki this time of year, and if you place your order early you’ll receive an extra one of their famous Bavarian Cream paczki that features a splash of rum.

Was an actual paczek just not enough for you? Consider trying a Fat Paczki Ale from Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This Amber Ale is brewed with powdered sugar, Belgian yeast, and prunes giving it that delicious paczek flavor. Visit this brewery starting at 3 PM on Tuesday to try one for yourself, and if you are one of the first 100 visitors you will even receive a “paczek bite” with your beer.


Paczek season started early February at the famous Roma Bakery in Lansing. With 12 flavors to choose from, you are sure to find at least one that fits your taste buds. You can also visit the countless Quality Dairy locations throughout the Lansing area that carries boxes of paczki. You could even surprise your office with a box of 12 different flavors for less than $10, or just keep them all to yourself.

Northern Michigan

If you’ve ever had a donut from Cops & Donuts before then you know how good they are. Now just imagine a paczek. Made right in the heart of downtown Clare, Cops & Donuts features traditional polish paczki that they ship to about 300 locations across the country. Sadly, it looks like they are already out of stock online, but you can still visit the store to pick one up for yourself.

Potter’s Bakery in Traverse City also makes delicious gourmet paczki. This year is especially special for Potter’s Bakery since it is the last day of their business at the Hall Street location. So, if you are in the Traverse City area for Fat Tuesday, definitely make sure to make one last visit before the location closes for good. Don’t worry, though–their main location is still going to be open on Eight Street.