Michigan Indoor Activities

Michigan winters can be harsh. The days can be cold and snowy and maybe even cloudy and gray. It can make you want to curl up in a blanket and park it on the couch for the day. But there are so many fun indoor activities that are worth venturing out for during the dead of winter in Michigan. These activities are great during the rainy spring season before the sunshine returns in full force too.  

Learn at a Michigan Museum

Michigan has noteworthy museums spread throughout the state that you can spend part of a day at. If you need to get and about with the kids so they can burn off some energy, visit a children’s museum in Michigan. There are plenty of Michigan museums that focus more on adults’ interests that are worth visiting too. Most museums are located near delicious restaurants that you should enjoy before or after visiting a museum.   

Splish Splash at Indoor Waterparks

If you’re missing days by the pool, days spent on the beaches of the Great Lakes, or splashing around in one of Michigan’s inland lakes, we’d recommend taking a trip to an indoor waterpark. Some of the best waterparks in Michigan are at hotels and are perfect for a weekend trip with the family. Some indoor waterparks also offer day passes if you would prefer that option.

Roll the Dice at a Casino

Test your luck at a casino in Michigan. There are casinos from the southern tip of Michigan all the way up through the Upper Peninsula that are worth checking out. Many casinos are also hotels so they can make for a fun getaway for a group of friends, family, or a significant other.  

Spend Time Shopping

Malls can be busy as people start shopping for the holidays and they can be busy after when people are returning unwanted gifts, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting malls in Michigan. Malls are also great for people-watching if you really need to get out of the house!

Ice Skate Inside

Go ice skating indoors! It’s a fun way to bring the outside in. While it will still be a little chilly on the ice, it won’t be as cold as if you were outside. Many indoor ice skating facilities also hold hockey games that you can watch while there or have game rooms that are fun to visit as well. Find an indoor ice skating facility near you with this guide.  

Explore a Conservatory

Botanical gardens in Michigan are a popular go-to during the warmer months. Many botanical gardens in Michigan also have indoor conservatories. They are a great way to take in nature when the trees are bare, and your landscaping plants are likely dead.   

Tackle a Food Challenge

Fill up on delicious food from Michigan restaurants. Some food challenges in Michigan are as short as 30 minutes, but you probably won’t want to move for a while after consuming all that food! Other challenges are longer, such as four hours to help you pass more time.  

Take in a Movie at a Historic Movie Theater

Going to the movies is always a great way to pass the time indoors, but nowadays you can easily stream most movies from the comfort of your home. That’s why historic movie theaters are an extra dose of fun. It’s a different vibe than going to a big chain movie theater which can make getting off the couch worthwhile. Check out this guide to find a historic movie theater in Michigan.