Oldest Barber Shops in Michigan

Barber shops used to be a staple of neighborhoods. Not just a place to get your hair clipped or a shave, barber shops were a source of neighborhood social connectivity and local information. Barber shops have long been a staple of the local community in Michigan. In particular, old barber shops have an undeniable charm that many cannot get enough of. From the vintage chairs, classic decor, and conversation between barbers and customers, these establishments are part of the fabric of many communities, with conversations on politics, sports and the weather while people received a haircut.

As society has changed, more and more people go to beauty salons and hairdressers for their hair-cutting needs, with less barber shops across Michigan. However, there are still some barber shops that have stood the test of time in many cities and towns across the state. Here is a sample of a few that have stood the test of time:

Whitlow’s Barber Shop, Detroit, established in 1963

Robertson’s Hair Center, Traverse City, established in 1903

Arcade Barbers, Ann Arbor, established in 1917

Varsity Barber Shop, Ann Arbor, established in 1907

Reid’s Barber Shop, Grand Blanc, established in 1920

The Barber Pole, Birmingham, established in 1949

The Livonia Cutting Corner, Livonia 1970

Red’s Barber Shop, New Baltimore established in 1931

So, if you are near these areas and are in need of a trim, a step back in time and some good conversation and advice… stop in. However, since they have been in business so long, chances are these popular barber shops will be busy. So call ahead and bring cash, these shops rarely take plastic!

If you are interested taking on this cherished profession as a full-time job, explore barber schools available in Michigan.