How to Play Euchre

If you grew up in Michigan, the chances of you knowing how to play euchre are high. But if you don’t know how to play, we answer some commonly asked questions for beginner euchre players.

How many people can play euchre?

Euchre requires four people to play. The four people make up two teams of two.

What cards do you use to play euchre?

To play euchre, you need the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace from each suit. You will also need cards to keep score that add up to 10, such as the 5s or 4s and 6s, etc.

How are euchre cards dealt?

In euchre, the dealer starts by dealing to the left. Cards are dealt in twos and threes until each player had five cards. There should be four cards left after dealing to everyone. The top card in this stack then gets turned up.

How do you order up trump?

The person to the left of the dealer can decide if the suit of the card that was turned up becomes trump, or the strongest suit. If they order up trump, the dealer gets to pick up the turned over card. If they pass, then the next person can decide if they want that suit to be trump, this process continues until it gets back to the dealer. If the dealer also turns down the card, then the person to the left of the dealer can pick a different suit for trump or pass. The process then again continues as you go around the table. If it gets back to the dealer again, and they do not select a suit, the cards are shuffled and passed to the next person to deal again.

What is the order of cards when you play euchre?

The highest card when playing euchre is the jack of the selected suit (trump) for the hand, also known as the right bower. The left bower, the second highest card, is the jack of the same color suit. For example, if diamonds are selected as trump, the Jack of Diamonds is the highest card followed by the Jack of Hearts. After the right and left bower, the cards go in order, A, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9.  

How do you keep score in euchre?

In order to get a point, you and your partner must win three tricks. If your team wins all five tricks, you then get two points.

What happens if you go alone in Euchre and lose?

If you have a strong suited hand, you may choose to go alone without your partner’s help. If you do this and win three or four tricks, you get 1 point. If you do this and win all five tricks, you get four points. If you do this and lose, well you shouldn’t have gone alone, but the other team gets 2 points.