Michigan Berry Farms

Summer is right around the corner. With the weather warming up, a lot of Michigan produce will start to come into season. Michigan’s berry season typically starts in early July. If you are hesitant to go to a farmers market and get fresh berries, we recommend going to a berry farm in Michigan! Berry farms typically are spread out across acres, allowing you to get out in public at a safe distance. Find a berry farm near you:

Blok OrchardAdaYou will find a variety of fruits and vegetables at Blok Orchard. The blueberries and cherries are available for u-pick. XXX
The Extraordinary BerryBenton HarborThe Extraordinary Berry is just that! They offer more berries than most in Benton Harbor and across Michigan.XXXX
Bixby FarmsBerrien SpringsBixby Farms offers u-pick strawberries. The farm is also well know for it's apricots.X
Kapnick OrchardsBrittonKapnick Orchards grows a variety of fruits and vegetables. Blueberries are available for u-pick, but they also sell strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. XXXX
King OrchardsCentral Lake & KewadinKing Orchards has two Northern Michigan locations with a variety of fruits available for u-pick. Additionally they offer apple picking in the fall. XX
Dee's Lakeshore FarmFennvilleBlueberries and raspberries are just the start of what you will find at Dee's Lakeshore Farm. You will also find a variety jams and honey at the farm. XX
Pleasant Hill Blueberry FarmFennvillePleasant Hill Blueberry Farm offers certified organic blueberries. They farm does appointment only for picking. X
Up North Blueberry FarmGaylordThe Up North Blueberry Farm allows for u-picking, but they also offer pre-picked blueberries. They use all natural growing practices. X
Kendall's BlueberriesHastingsKendall's Blueberries has roughly 7 acres for u-pick. They only offer blueberries which are available at different times throughout the season.X
Hazen's FarmHowellHazen's Farm grows a variety of blueberries and raspberries. They are also well-known for their honey! XX
Whittaker's Berry FarmIdaWhittaker's Berry Farm has over 15 acres of strawberries available for u-pick. They grow Honeoye and Allstar variety strawberries.X
McCallum's Orchard and Cider MillJeddoMcCallum's has a large variety of fruits available. They offer u-pick for raspberries and strawberries. Plus, they offer u-pick apples in the fall. Don't forget to pick up some wine while here too!XXX
AJ's Garden & ProduceLachineAt AJ's Garden & Produce, u-pick strawberries and u-pick raspberries area available. They also offer blueberries and an assortment of other fruits, vegetables, jam, ice cream, honey and more!XXX
Middleton Berry FarmOrtonvilleMiddleton Berry Farm has raspberries and strawberries available for u-pick. They farm also has a variety of in-season vegetables for sale.XX
Brookeside FarmsPaw PawBrookeside Farms has multiple locations with the largest being in Paw Paw. In addition to raspberries, they also have apples to pick.X
Bird's Berry PatchRomulusU-pick red raspberries are available at Bird's Berry Patch. They are also known for their monster pumpkins in the fall!X
Rhynard's Blueberry FarmShepherdStop at Rhynard's Blueberry farm for a variety of blueberry plants. Don’t forget to pick up some delicious honey from the hives on their farm.X
DeGrandchamp FarmsSouth HavenDeGrandchamp's Blueberry Farm has 200 acres of blueberries and grow blueberries in their greenhouse in the winter. Be sure to check their farm market for butters, jams, vinaigrettes and so much more too!X
Sparks Blueberry FarmSouth HavenSparks Blueberry Farm is a cash-only blueberry farm. In addition to u-pick, they have prepicked blueberries available. X
Heritage BlueberriesSpartaHeritage Blueberries is perfect for the family with multiple shade stations and free water bottle stations!X
Bredeweg AcresStevensvilleBredeweg Acres offers both u-pick and ready-pick blueberries when they are in season. If you miss them in the summer, pick up frozen blueberries when you get your Christmas tree!X
Alpers Berry FarmSuttons BayAlpers Berry Farm only offers raspberries. They are available for u-pick or we-pick.X
Tawas Blueberry FarmTawasTawas Blueberry Farm, previously known as Czaika's Blueberry Farm, is under new ownership this year with the same great blueberries.X
Buchan's Blueberry HillTraverse CityBuchan's Blueberry Hill is a popular place to visit in Traverse City. Their delicious blueberries are used to make ice cream at Scoops 22 in Suttons Bay too!X
Diederich's Berry & Produce FarmWebbervilleDiederich's is best known for it's strawberries which are available as u-pick or we-pick. They also have a variety of vegetables available at their market.X
Crossroads Blueberry FarmWest OliveCrossroads Blueberry Farm is a great spot to visit when on the west side of the state, especially before or after a beach day! Don’t forget to check out their blueberry jams, coffee and more too!X
Reenders Blueberry FarmWest OliveReenders has more than 12 types of blueberries available across 800 acres! Once you get home with your blueberries, be sure to check their website for a lot of great recipes to make with your berries.X

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