Getting Ready For Michigan’s Bow Season

Hard to believe, but summer is almost over. The end of summer means putting the boat away and storing the camper while trying not to shed a tear. Putting away summer toys also means that it’s almost time for fall hunting.

Michigan is one of the most popular states in the U.S. for bow hunting. The season in Michigan opens on October 1st and extends to December 31st. Many sportsmen prefer bow hunting because of its challenge, less hunting pressure, quieter woods due to fewer hunters, and more favorable weather than mid-November or December compared to gun and muzzleloading seasons.

Preparation is key for bow hunting. Be sure you are ready for the upcoming bow hunting season with these four steps.

License and Tags

First off, make sure that you have the appropriate licenses and tags. They can be found here on the DNR website. Know the rules with the new antler and baiting restrictions as the state deals with the CWD virus.

Safety First

Second, safety. Every year, hunters are injured in accidents involving their tree stands. If you have had a tree stand that has been up all year, go check it now. Look for any rust or damage from the weather or from critters. Check the sturdiness of the stand and straps that are holding the stand in place. Additionally, make sure the safety strap that you plan on wearing is in good condition. If you are placing a stand in a new location, make sure to pick the right tree. While scouting for a good area to be near deer is important, the health and height of your selected tree is critical. Avoid brittle, or thin trees that may struggle with your weight or the weight of the stand.

Practice Makes Perfect

Third, practice. As a hunter, it is your responsibility to take an animal in the cleanest fashion. This can only happen with a clean kill shot. August and September are the times to practice your shots. Practice from different angles and distances so you are confident in your shot in various situations.


Fourth, camouflage and scent. The evolution of equipment in bow hunting is almost unmatched in any other outdoor pursuit. There are several affordable camouflage and scent gear options for you to try. Masking your presence and scent will help lead to a successful hunt!

Good luck this October!