The Best Ice Skating Spots in Michigan [Updated 2023]

Michigan’s winter wonderland transforms into a skater’s paradise as icy landscapes beckon with a promise of gliding adventures. From scenic frozen lakes to bustling city rinks, Michigan boasts an array of enchanting ice skating spots that encapsulate the true essence of the season. Lace-up your skates and join me on a journey through some of the most picturesque and exhilarating ice skating destinations across the Great Lakes State. Here are the best ice skating spots in Michigan to hit before the spring thaw.

Campus Martius Park, Detroit

Campus Martius is right in the heart of downtown Detroit and is known as Detroit’s “gathering place.” The rink is open seven days a week and on Fridays, the rink is open until midnight. This makes it the hot spot for a Friday night ice skating date. The rink also has limited hours on holidays, if you’re looking for something to do with family.

The rink is open from November 18th to March 3rd.

Rosa Parks Circle, Grand Rapids

Rosa Parks Circle is located right in the middle of downtown Grand Rapids. The ice skating rink is just minutes away from several restaurants and bars. Trees circling the ice skating rink are lit up with twinkling lights at night. Admission is only $4 per adult or $2 per child. The rink also has a punch card if you are a frequent visitor. Admission includes a free skate rental as well.

The rink is open from November 24th to February 24th.

Lake St. Clair Metropark, Harrison Twp. 

Lake St. Clair Metropark is a great winter escape. Only costs $10 to park, and the park has a variety of winter activities to explore. This small ice skating rink is for those who want to avoid the crowds. It is the perfect place to skate or play a game of hockey. The park does not offer skate rentals, so you have to come prepared. When you’re done on the ice, think about going cross-country skiing on the trails or sledding down the hills.

South Haven Ice Rink, South Haven

A pavilion covers the South Haven Ice Rink so it’s skateable in blizzards and warmer winter days. South Haven offers glow parties and free hot chocolate with your pass on select days. The rink is known for its curling lessons and league.

The rink is open from November 23rd to February 26th.

Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, Muskegon

A unique feature of the sports complex is its ice skating trail. Muskegon Winter Sports Complex has an outdoor ice skating rink, hockey rink, and 1/4 mile ice skating trail. You can also get trained in luge at the track created by an Olympic gold medalist. Admission is only $10 for the day. Skates can be rented for an additional $8 for the whole day.

Kensington Metropark, Milford

Experience real lake skating on Kent Lake. You’ll be surrounded by over 4,000 acres of beautiful woods that are home to a variety of Michigan wildlife. Skating on the lake is free after the $10 vehicle charge to ender the park. Other activities include skiing, snowboarding, and sledding at Kensington’s winter sports area.

Michigan’s winters often extend their icy embrace longer than anticipated, but that doesn’t mean you need to hibernate indoors until spring. Embrace the winter wonderland by venturing out to experience the sheer magic of Michigan’s sensational ice skating rinks. Instead of succumbing to the winter blues, lace up your skates and glide into a world of exhilarating frosty adventures. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of a frozen lake under the crisp winter sun or the lively atmosphere of city rinks, Michigan’s diverse array of ice skating spots offers the perfect remedy to combat the chill and infuse your days with excitement and joy. So, grab your mittens and join in the timeless winter tradition of ice skating against the stunning backdrop of Michigan’s snow-laden landscapes.

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