What To Do In Michigan If You Hate Winter

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate winter. I still live here because the changing Michigan seasons are downright beautiful and summer makes putting up with winter worth it. Some people love the winter activities that Michigan offers. Others of us think the nearly four months of winter can be tough to get through. If you’re in the latter group of people, I’ve compiled a list of things to do to help non-winter lovers survive the season.

fox-theater #1 See a concert.

Michigan has so many concert venues to see a great show at. While an indoor show doesn’t beat an outdoor concert on a Michigan summer night, they still help pass the time. Get lost in the music and forget about the snow outside.

#2 Similarly, catch a theater production.

Shows are coming to Detroit, Grand Rapids, and even East Lansing all the time. The Lion King is one of the many shows coming to Detroit this year!

#3 Visit the Auto Show.

The National American International Auto Show comes to Detroit in January. The event runs from January 13th to 28th.

#4 Go wine tasting.

Northern Michigan is known for its wine tasting. Many people venture to Northern Michigan during the summer and to see fall foliage, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wine tasting during the winter too. In fact, it might be more enjoyable with smaller crowds.

beer-city-usa-color_ab53ff68-00f3-4222-9b3d-601c0545355d beer-city #5 Visit Beer City.

Wine not your thing? No big deal. Michigan also has an assortment of breweries to visit. Grand Rapids quickly became known as Beer City, but that isn’t your only option for breweries in Michigan. They seem to be popping up across Michigan. You can also visit a beer expo to drink away winter blues.

#6 Go shopping.

Unfortunately, some of Michigan’s best malls are outdoor, but that doesn’t stop a pro-shopper from finding some good deals and clothes to keep you warm. Right now is a great time to score a good deal on a sweater.

#7 Go Bowling.

Who doesn’t love bowling? It’s a great way to have fun with friends. It’s also an indoor activity to do with the kiddos if you need a break from pulling them around in a sled or making snowmen.

painting-classes #8 Take a Painting or Pottery Class.

Painting or pottery while drinking classes seem to be everywhere now. Take a night off from being responsible and let your creative side out with painting and pottery…and drinking.

#9 Make soup.

Make some soup or chili. It will keep you warm while you’re waiting for the warm weather to come back.

#10 Movie Marathon.

Curl up on your couch or visit a cool theater like the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Kalamazoo. Don’t forget to eat some delicious popcorn while you’re marathoning.