Scream Your Way Through Michigan’s Top Haunted Houses

Whether you have a phobia of spiders or clowns or enjoy the suspense of squeezing through dark, narrow hallways, you can test your limits this Halloween by enduring one of Michigan’s top haunted houses.

Nearly every town in Michigan has some sort of haunted attraction if you’re looking to get spooked. Ghostly houses, haunted hayrides, and spooky forests come to life with the help of small businesses, theater groups, college students, and other local organizations. Really, it’s all for show… or is it?

From scream parks to haunted houses, here are the best and most unique haunted attractions in Michigan to visit.

Terror on 27

Ashley, Michigan |

logo If you’re craving a truly scary experience, Terror on 27 will put you right in the middle of nowhere. Right off of US-127 south of Mount Pleasant, this scare attraction features not one, but three haunted attractions (two guided attractions and a maze). Each attraction has a name: Insanity, Entanglement, and Animosity. In the past, Terror on 27 has also featured an escape room.

Terror on 27 tells the story of road workers and builders who had once camped out on the stretch of road. After mysteriously perishing, the road workers return every October to wander the site again. Terror on 27 is so popular that waits can last up to 2 hours. If you’re not interested in waiting, you can purchase a Fast Pass ticket for all three attractions.

Niles Scream Park

Niles, Michigan |

Niles Scream Park is no ordinary haunted attraction. The park is much like a haunted nighttime carnival, featuring a Midway lurking with monsters and ghosts, concessions, vendors, photo booths, and more. With 44 acres of land to plot its scare tactics, Niles Scream Park features six haunted attractions which the park rebuilds each year from scratch to feature new themes and houses. In 2021, Niles Scream Park was voted Top Haunt by Coaster Nation.

This season you can expect all-new haunted attractions and some of the same ones from previous years. Thrill-seekers will love the Field of Screams, a haunted maze that the park has expanded to feature two more scare zones. Yes, ghosts and zombies will jump out at you… and follow you. In addition to the haunted maze, the park also features a haunted hayride, a haunted cabin, and many more haunted houses to explore.

Erebus Haunted Attraction

Pontiac, Michigan |
Erebus Haunted Attractions

Erebus Haunted Attraction in Pontiac, MI

This 4-story haunted house is a top-thrill haunt and has been featured on the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, and more. This will be Erebus’ 17th season. It features five haunted houses in one building with narrow hallways, mazes, moving walls, and dark corners—a haunt that lasts nearly 35 to 45 minutes (depending on how fast you run). According to Ed Terebus, co-owner of the attraction, nearly 500 people each year chicken out and don’t finish the attraction.

While it’s not recommended for individuals under 13-years-old, Erebus Haunted Attraction does welcome all ages to enter at their own risk.

While these are some of the most popular haunts around Michigan, you can check out a complete list of haunted houses at

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