51 Haunted Places in Michigan

With Halloween approaching, many people find themselves in need of a spooky fix. Well, we’re here to help. We’ve assembled a list of 51 of Michigan’s most haunted places, from the scaries of Michigan’s haunted houses to spooky cemeteries to old psychiatric hospitals…what can we say, Michigan has a little bit of everything. Please take note that many of these places have been torn down and replaced, or exist on private property, so make sure you have permission to enter any of these locations before you go ghost hunting. That said, if you’re just curious of some of the local legends around the state, check out the map as well as the list below.

Doherty HotelClare, MIThe site of one of Michigan's most notorious murders, the building is supposedly haunted by former gang member Isaiah Leebove and past members of the Doherty family.
Terrace InnPetoskey, MIEmployees and guests have reported three different spirits that wander throughout the inn.
The Whitney RestaurantDetroit, MIVisitors have reported voices and knocking sounds supposedly from the ghosts of David Whitney and his wife.
Seul Choix Point Light HouseGulliver, MILegend has it that this old lighthouse in the Upper Peninsula is haunted by former lightkeeper Willie Townsend and his mother-in-law Mary Pemble.
Michigan's First State PrisonJackson, MIThough this has turned into apartments and retail space, visitors and residents have reportedly experienced the spirts of some former prisoners.
Fort HolmesMackinac Island, MIThe ruins of this former fort have been said to be haunted by voices of Ojibwa Indians.
Old School ManorPortland, MIThe ghost of a fourteen-year-old girl who was crushed beneath the bleachers is said to still haunt this former high school.
Post CemeteryMackinac Island, MILegend has it that a college student in the 1970s named "Harvey" had his body found here and he still haunts the trails around the cemetery.
Mission Point ResortMackinac Island, MIThis luxury resort has had reports of hauntings in the theater, grounds and in some of the rooms.
Holly HotelHolly, MIBurnt down twice in the past, this restaurant is a hotbed of paranormal activity according to the experts.
Michigan Bell Telephone BuildingGrand Rapids, MIThe site of a 1910 crime scene where Warren Randall murdered his wife Virginia has been said to be haunted by the wife, whose voice can be heard begging for her life.
Beeson MansionNiles, MIThe Beeson family mausoleum is said to be crawling with the spirits of the Beeson family.
Henderson CastleKalamazoo, MIGuests of this 19th century mansion have often reported the presence of ghosts, strange noises and sightings of a female ghost.
Straits of MackinacMackinac Island, MIThe "Drowning Pool" where several women were drowned in the 1700s is a popular spot for paranormal activity according to visitors. This was also the site of two battles in the War of 1812.
South Manitou IslandLeland, MILocal legend has it that in the 1800s a ship full of cholera-stricken passengers were buried in a mass grave, while some were still alive. Obviously, this makes for angry ghosts.
Allegan LodgeAllegan, MIOnce used as a hospital, the basement (formerly a morgue) is said to be haunted with apparitions of children.
Pointe aux Barques LighthousePort Hope, MIThis lighthouse was built in 1848 and the first keeper supposedly drowned, leaving behind his wife and eight children. Reports of a mourning woman being seen on a nearby cliff have happened regularly over the years.
Mary Mayo HallEast Lansing, MIThis old residence hall on the MSU campus was once the site of seances and satanic rituals in the 1930s. Reports of paranormal activity have been frequent over the years.
SS Valley CampSault Ste. Marie, MIThis retired ship-turned-museum contains a couple of lightboats from the Edmund Fitzgerald, and visitors often report being "followed" by spirits.
The South Lyon HotelSouth Lyon, MIThis hotel-turned restaurant was built over a cemetery and burned down in 2016 mysteriously. It has been renovated, but the hauntings persist.
Eloise Psychiatric HospitalDetroit, MIUniversally accepted as one of the creepiest locations in Michigan, the building is gone but the surrounding area and cemetery are said to be haunted by former patients.
Fort WayneDetroit, MIRestless souls from this old fort are said to still haunt the grounds.
Traverse City State HospitalTraverse City, MIMany accounts of frightening encounters have taken place on the grounds of the former hospital - voices, screams, and even accounts of religious materials being destroyed. A tree on the premises was once considered to be a "portal to hell".
The Botsford InnFarmington, MIThe site where Henry Ford met his wife Clara, the Botsford Inn is supposedly haunted by Clara who has a penchant for messing with the cups and the silverware.
Big Bay Point LighthouseMarquette, MIThere have been multiple accounts of the ghost of a man haunting the residence portion of the building.
Landmark InnMarquette, MIThe Landmark Inn boasted many famous guests in its past, among them Amelia Earheart, whom is said to still haunt the building today.
The Bruce MansionBrown City, MIOne of the only buildings to survive a massive fire in 1881, the building later became a funeral parlor and has been haunted by apparitions for decades.
Old City OrphanageMarquette, MIThe legend of this old Northern Michigan building states that abusive nuns mistreated children for decades, and their ghosts still haunt the apartment building that stands in its place today.
Detroit Masonic TempleDetroit, MIGeorge D. Mason jumped to his death after his wife left him due to the financial hardships of the construction costs. There have been many accounts of his ghost taking the path to the top of the building where he fell to his demise.
Ada CemeteryAda, MIThe Ada witch is said to inhabit a three-mile radius around the Ada cemetery, seen as a misty blue figure that floats through the air.
Mercywood HotelAnn Arbor, MIWhile the building no longer exists, the old mental hospital has been built over but the feeling of "evil" still lurks in the area.
Riverside CemeteryAlbion, MIThis cemetery is another that is haunted by a mysterious lady in white.
Hell's BridgeAlgoma Township, MIOn this desolate bridge in Algoma Township it's said that if you are on the bridge at midnight you can hear the devil laughing.
Morrow RoadAlgonac, MILegend has it that a woman and her child froze to death on Morrow Road and if you park on the bridge at midnight and honk three times they will appear.
Oak Hill CemeteryBattle Creek, MIThe "Crying Mary" statue is said to weep every Sunday night.
Ford Rouge PlantDearborn, MIThis auto plant blew up in 2001 and multiple people were killed. If you park on nearby Miller Road at night you can supposedly hear the screams of those who died in the blast.
Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & BreakfastBay Port, MIThe ghosts in this bed and breakfast apparently like to spook guests by opening and closing doors and roaming the halls.
Calumet TheatreCalumet, MIThe resident ghost of the Calumet Theatre is said to be that of famous actress Helena Modjeska, but the theatre is also haunted by a young girl who died there named Elanda Rowe.
Olympia BooksDowagiac, MIThe resident ghost "Mr. Bock" has his name stenciled on a hallway and has a habit of knocking books from shelves.
Forest Hill CemeteryEvart, MIThere have been reports of glowing headstones at night.
Capitol TheatreFlint, MIBeyond the reports of strange singing, screams and moans inside the theatre, there have also been reports of electronic equipment mysteriously going dead.
Castle ParkHolland, MILegend states that a man named Michael Schwarz locked his daughter in the tower to stop her from eloping. Her ghost haunts the tower staring out towards Holland for her lost love.
Borgess HospitalKalamazoo, MIThere have been reports of sightings of old ghosts of the nuns that used to operate the hospital.
Juddville CemeteryNew Lothrop, MIThis spooky cemetery has had reports of screaming, disappearing lights, and a very creepy old chair that sometimes appears.
Baldwin TheaterRoyal Oak, MIThe Baldwin theater apparently has a "friendly" spirit that likes to prank people by messing with the lights.
Hillside CemeteryPlainwell, MIThe cemetery is apparently haunted once per year on the anniversary of a tragic death of a little boy who was struck by a car trying to get to his dog on the other side of the road. His tombstone, shaped like a dog, supposedly stands up and stretches while it waits for the little boy.
Dooley ElementaryRoseville, MIThe ghost of a little girl who accidentally hung herself at the top of the slide can sometimes be seen at night.
Felt MansionSaugatuck, MIShortly after being built in the 1920s, Agnes Felt died of a stroke and haunts the house with her husband Dorr to this day.
Methodist CemeteryTaylor, MIThis cemetery is supposedly haunted by a young woman in a long dress that crosses between the cemetery and a mall across the street.
Hawks Head CemeteryVan Buren, MIRumor has it that this cemetery is the resting place of Al Capone's mistress, who announces her presence with chimes before appearing in a white dress.
Rockford Dam OverlookRockford, MIThe dam is supposedly haunted by a boy who drowned there who sometimes makes his presence known to visitors.


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