Why Michigan Summers Are The Best & Why We Already Miss It

Everywhere I’ve ever been in my life I’ve noticed people have pride in where they’re from. Down South, out west, East Coast – everywhere is the same in regard to that “we’re great because…” sense. Well, I’m no different, and as I’ve gotten to travel more and more in my life I do have to say the one thing that I think Michigan has like no other is an utterly fabulous summer.

Yes, our winter’s are long and terrible, so it’s easy to think anything that’s above freezing and relatively sunny will satisfy us after a long winter. But, objectively, I think Michigan summers kick ass, and here’s a few reasons.

Freshwater Oceans

Yes, a beach in the Carolinas or Florida or California or even Hawaii is pretty awesome, but salt water kind of sucks for relaxing in. We have the Great Lakes and our beaches are spectacular and the water is fresh. No, we don’t get to use them all year, but during the summer you can’t beat them.


The Perfect Temperature

This might be the best part of Michigan’s summers. You head Down South and it’s too hot, or too humid. You head up to the Northeast or Northwest and it’s not really warm enough. Michigan on the other hand, stays warm without going overboard. Check out our average temperatures!

lansing average temperatures
*Temperature data for Lansing, Michigan courtesy of usclimatedata.com.

Average highs around 80 and nights that are comfortable without being too hot or too cold. Michigan’s summer weather is perfect.

You Can Do Almost Anything

tigers game

One of the other great things about Michigan in the summer is that it’s easy to get around and you can take in everything there is to do – and that includes a lot. If you’re outdoorsy, you have almost limitless options. You can hop on a boat and go out on a lake fishing or enjoying watersports. You can head up to the Upper Peninsula and go for a hike and take in the natural wonder of one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you have more Metropolitan pursuits, head down to Detroit and take in a Tigers game and do some shopping in and around Southeast Michigan. If it’s something you enjoy doing in the summer, you can do it in Michigan – and most everything is within driving distance without the crazy traffic you run into in most metro areas.

So, Michiganders, what are you going to miss about summer until next year?