Michigan Events in November

The leaves are starting to change and the air is getting crisp, which means fall is upon us in Michigan. While the temperature is dropping, that doesn’t stop Michiganders from getting outside to visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Events in Michigan don’t slow down either. Take a look at fun events happening throughout November and check out our post on 7 Fall Festivals to Attend in Michigan for events in September and October.

Motor City Comic Con

November 10th – 12th

Motor City Comic Con is a popular annual comic book and pop culture convention that takes place in Novi, Michigan, USA. It is one of the largest and longest-running fan conventions in the Midwest United States, celebrating various aspects of pop culture, including comic books, movies, television shows, anime, video games, and more.

Motor City Comic Con provides fans with the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, interact with their favorite creators and celebrities, and immerse themselves in the world of pop culture. It’s a fun and inclusive event that attracts people of all ages who share a passion for comics and all things geeky.

International Wine, Beer & Food Festival

November 16th-18th

The International Wine, Beer & Food Festival is an annual event held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This festival is a celebration of the culinary and beverage arts, showcasing a wide array of wines, beers, spirits, and gourmet foods from around the world. It typically takes place over several days and attracts thousands of attendees, including food and beverage enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the general public.

The Grand Rapids International Wine, Beer & Food Festival provides a platform for both novices and connoisseurs to explore and appreciate the world of food and beverages. It’s a chance to discover new flavors, learn from experts, and indulge in a variety of culinary experiences. This event also often serves as a fundraiser for local charities and organizations, contributing to the community in addition to offering a memorable gastronomic experience.

Silver Bells in the City

November 17th

Silver Bells in the City is an annual holiday festival and parade that takes place in Lansing, the capital city of Michigan. This event has been a cherished tradition in Lansing since its inception in 1984 and marks the official start of the holiday season in the region. It typically occurs on the Friday before Thanksgiving, kicking off the festive season with a variety of activities and entertainment for the whole family.

Silver Bells in the City has become one of the largest and most popular holiday celebrations in Michigan, drawing thousands of visitors to Lansing each year. It brings the community together to celebrate the spirit of the season and create lasting memories. The event is a great way to kick off the holiday season and get into the festive mood.

Holly Dickens Festival

November 24th – December 10th

The Holly Dickens Festival is an annual holiday event that takes place in Holly, Michigan. It is a festive celebration inspired by the works of Charles Dickens, particularly his beloved novella “A Christmas Carol.” The festival typically runs on weekends during the holiday season, usually from late November through mid-December. The Holly Dickens Festival has been a tradition in the town since the 1970s and is known for its Victorian-era charm and immersive Dickensian experience.

The Holly Dickens Festival is a delightful way to step back in time and experience the magic of a Victorian-era Christmas. It offers a unique and immersive holiday experience for visitors of all ages and has become a cherished tradition for both locals and tourists in Michigan.