Hidden Beaches in Michigan

The state of Michigan has miles of amazing beachfront. As the Great Lakes state, Michigan boasts as much shoreline as Florida, California, and Alaska. There are great beaches on the Great Lakes, inland lakes, and miles of rivers.

Many people are familiar with some of the more famous beaches in Michigan. Beaches in Holland, Grand Haven, and Traverse City are popular destinations for both Michigan and out-of-state residents. What about the beaches that you haven’t heard of? We have compiled a list of some lesser-known spots that deserve your attention to explore with their beauty and convenience.

Rogers City U.S. 23

Along U.S. 23 between Rogers City and Mackinac City, there is a state of Michigan beach on the side of the road. This beach is very sandy and is a perfect picnic spot. There is also a bike trail where you can bike for miles along the Lake Huron shoreline. The lake in that spot is clear, with a combination of sand and rocks. It is a great place to try if you are traveling en route to Mackinac City.

Brevort U.S. 2

While this beach maybe isn’t such an unknown spot as the Rogers City beach, this is a very beautiful and sandy beach. It is located on the southern edge of the Upper Peninsula, just west of the Mackinaw Bridge. It is very convenient to get to as you park on the southern side of the road. Go over the dunes and the beach is right there. The water in that area of Lake Michigan is sandy and shallow for a good amount of the lake’s shore, allowing for great wading.

M-123 in Paradise

Take M-123 North of M-28 about 10 miles and you will cross the scenic Tahquamenon River where it dumps into Whitefish Bay. Just past this bridge, there is a very nice roadside park and beach. The water here is both sand and rocks, and it is shallow for almost 200 yards out. The water of Whitefish Bay is a neat tannin color in this area. There are grills available for a picnic.

Lake Superior Across from Muskallonge Lake at Deer Park

In the northern part of the Upper Peninsula, there is a very nice state park called Muskallonge Lake. Across from this lake is a very long stretch of state-owned beach along Lake Superior. Unlike the above beaches, this beach is primarily rocky. If you would like to go agate hunting, want to stay away from crowds, have your kids skip stones and watch some amazing sunsets, this is the beach for you.