Best Breakfast in Grand Rapids

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But where in Grand Rapids can you get the best breakfast? We’ve rounded up the best breakfast and brunch in Grand Rapids.

Graydon’s Crossing


Graydon’s Crossing has a very large brunch menu so there is bound to be something for even the pickiest eater and the one with all of the food allergies too. The menu is filled with a lot of classics such as a breakfast burrito, but also includes some fancier food options such as cheesecake French toast. Graydon’s understands that kids can be tricky sometimes so they have a special Kids brunch menu too!



I first discovered Lucy’s driving past it to work. It was packed every weekday morning and when I finally got to check it out on the weekend, it was even busier. But it was worth the wait. I’m a sucker for a mimosa bar so I instantly fell in love even before my delicious food was served. They have a large menu of great breakfast foods as well as breakfast baked goods you can grab at the counter if you’re in a hurry.

Real Food Café


Real Food Café has one of the biggest brunch menus in the area. On the menu, you will find traditional breakfast options such as eggs benedict, but also options that will make you drool like the cinnamon roll pancakes. One important thing to note before going to Real Food Café: they only accept cash and local checks so leave the plastic at home.



A personal favorite of mine is Royals. The classic breakfast, is just that, classic and simple. But it is delicious nonetheless. Their cinnamon rolls are also drool-worthy. I personally love all of the juice options they have for mimosas too. Royals also has an impressive patio area which makes it the perfect location to meet up for brunch during the warmer months. You can check out the patio with their igloos in the winter as well.

San Chez


San Chez is a popular destination for any meal in Grand Rapids. While many flock for the tapas in the evening, the breakfast is noteworthy too. San Chez goes above and beyond with its coffee and drink options. They have a coconut oil latte, offer French press pots, and have loose leaf pots if coffee isn’t your thing.



Sundance has two locations in Grand Rapids and is a well-known breakfast destination. I mean once you see the delicious and mouthwatering cinnamon roll the offer you’ll understand why. If savory is more your style, the huevos wet burrito is another popular item to consider off the menu. Sundance is popular for their mimosa flight and I’ve also been told that the BLT bloody mary is very good. Choose wisely!

Did I miss your favorite brunch spot in Grand Rapids? Let me know in the comments. I’m always ready to try out somewhere new for breakfast.