Famous People From Michigan

The State of Michigan has produced several famous actors, athletes, musicians and writers over the years. Some of the more well known celebrities from Michigan include:

Tom Selleck

An actor and film producer born in Detroit, MI on January 29, 1945. Thomas William Selleck is most widely recognized for his leading role as Hawaii Five-O police officer, Lt. Thomas Magnum. He has also starred in such films as Mr. Baseball, Quigley Down Under and High Road To China.


A pop singer born in Bay City, MI on August 16, 1958. Madonna Louise Ciccone has released an incredible number of albums since her debut album in 1983. She has also starred in films including Desperately Seeking Susan, Shanghai Surprise and Who’s That Girl. She is known for songs such as “Vogue”, Papa Don’t Preach” and “Like A Virgin”.

Jack White

A rock musician who was formerly part of the band The White Stripes, born in Detroit, MI on July 9, 1975. He has also been a member of such bands as The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather.

Derek Jeter

A baseball player born in Pequannock Township, NJ on June 26, 1974, Jeter moved to Kalamazoo, MI at a young age. He became a top prospect at a young age playing for Kalamazoo Central High School and went on to have a hall of fame career playing shortstop for the New York Yankees.

David Spade

An actor and comedian born in Birmingham, MI on July 22, 1964. He is best known for his roles as Chris Farley’s roommate “Dickie” on Saturday Night Live and as the voice of Kuzco in Disney’s animated film The Emperor’s New Groove. Other notable films he has starred in include Joe Dirt, Grown Ups and Just Shoot Me.

Jeff Daniels

An actor and theatre director born in Athens, MI on February 19, 1955. He is best known for his roles as “Dumb” in the film Dumb & Dumber and as the lead character in television shows The Newsroom and Aaron Sorkin. Other notable films include Gettysburg, The Squid and the Whale and Good Night, And Good Luck.

Burt Reynolds

An actor who got an early start in Michigan’s Mackinac Summer Theatre, born on February 11, 1936. He is best known for his roles as Lewis Medlock in Deliverance and as the lead character in popular films Smokey And The Bandit, Cannonball Run and Hooper.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

A retired professional boxer born in Grand Rapids, MI on February 24, 1977. Mayweather Jr. is an undefeated champion and has won world titles in five weight divisions.

Keegan-Michael Key

Born in Detroit, MI on March 22, 1971. Key is best known for his role as “Key” on the Comedy Central sketch comedy series Key & Peele with co-star Jordan Peele. He has also played rolls in many different movies including Pitch Perfect 2, Toy Story 4, The Lion King live action film, and Friends From College.

Bob Seger

A rock musician born in Dearborn, MI on May 6, 1945. Seger is best known for songs such as “Night Moves”, “Against The Wind” and “Like A Rock”.

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