Michigan Coronavirus Resources

If you’ve somehow made it to this blog I don’t need to explain to you that there’s a pandemic going on. Since COVID-19 landed in our laps in early 2020 I’ve often found myself seeking data that I wasn’t able to find. Throughout the course of this thing I’ve had a lot of questions, and I’m sure other people have as well. Along the way, I’ve found a handful of useful resources that I’ve found to be very helpful as I make decisions to navigate my daily life and I thought I’d share.

Case counts

Whether you’re doing research or just want to see the case numbers for your home town or someplace you plan on traveling to, these resources can help.


The Coronavirus dashboard on this state-run website gives you a lot of raw data including updated daily case numbers, total laboratory testing numbers, and case demographics.


Michigan.gov has more data, but if you just want a quick glance at the major data trends in simple graph form, this is what I would recommend.

Questions and answers

As the experts’ knowledge of the virus grows it can be helpful to be able to access updated information on how the virus works and anywho, when, and why some people may need to take greater precautions.

UofM Health

University of Michigan’s COVID-19 update page contains a very nice FAQ section with answers to some of the most common questions people have about the virus. If you want to learn about how the virus is spread, who is at high risk, or even how you can participate in a vaccine trial, this is a good place to start.


If you or someone you know has had their employment impacted by the virus you likely have questions about unemployment eligibility.

Michigan Coronavirus unemployment dashboard

If you have questions about whether you are eligible for unemployment insurance in Michigan, you can find answers here. If you are eligible, and you need to file, you can find all of that information here as well.

Michigan Coronavirus phase plan

It seems like a while ago when Governor Whitmer announced the phased plan for re-opening businesses. If you want to brush up, the information is still online.

Mi Safe Start

If you have questions about the phases of re-opening certain businesses, the government’s plan is accessible at this link. This answers some of the basic questions people have about the six phases laid out by the government and the eight impacted regions of the state.

Coronavirus testing locations

One thing I had no luck with initially was finding testing locations near me, but the government solved that with a handy tool.

Find a testing location

This government created search tool allows you to input your zip code and search within a defined radius to find testing locations near you. It lists the location’s distance from you, contact information, hours, features, and guidelines as self-reported by testing location. Unfortunately, this means that some locations don’t provide much detail while others offer full details including whether you need an appointment or if tests are offered to uninsured individuals.