Harry Potter Themed Escape Room in Michigan – School of Magic

Escape rooms have quickly emerged as a hot new trend in leisure activities. Whether it be with your family, friends or as a corporate team building function, escape rooms bring people together with challenging mental mazes. If you’re unfamiliar with how escape rooms work, players, often in team or groups, are placed into a room then they are given a set of related puzzles, clues, and riddles that work together to help you “escape” the room. Normally there is a time limit as to how long players have to solve these puzzles. Many escape rooms across the country have developed fun themes for their escape room offerings.

In Michigan, one escape room has latched onto one of the most popular book series all time and is offering a Harry Potter themed escape room.

In August of 2017, Escape Room Novi opened its newest escape room, the School Of Magic. This room is themed with clues and tricks from the Harry Potter series. According to the site, the main theme of the escape room will be to “find all the necessary ancient relics” to break the evil spell that other students and instructors at the School of Magic have been put into as a “new evil has emerged.” The video for the room show participants using a wand to break spells and open doors. It looks challenging, yet not too intimidating for kids.

The escape room is labeled as “Easy” difficulty and is advertised as kid-friendly. The cost for the room is reasonable at $30 per person. The Escape Room is located in Metro Detroit on West 12 Mile in Novi. While the room is themed as Harry Potter, the Escape Room does have a disclaimer that it is not related to Warner Brother or the official Harry Potter properties in any way.

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