The Little Village of Maple Rapids

Located just 10 miles away from St. Johns is the little village of Maple Rapids. It is often overlooked because it can get lost in between acres of farm land and other outer cities such as Alma, Michigan. I discovered this city when my family bought a lake house on Rainbow Lake. Over the years, my family has grown to appreciate the little places in the hidden gem of Maple Rapids.

Rainbow Lake Amenities

During the summer months, and select months in the fall and winter, my family enjoys the amenities of Rainbow Lake. It is a man-made lake that is made from a dam system, but it stretches pretty far. When we are not out on the pontoon, at one of the private beaches, or doing outdoor activities in the sun, we are probably spending our time at other locations in Maple Rapids.

Middleton Diner

At the Middleton Diner, they serve American and traditional meals. One thing that they are famous for is their home cooked dinner buffet and their daily specials. People on the Middleton Diner’s Facebook page have acknowledged the diner for their fried chicken, bread pudding, and mashed potatoes. Personally, I enjoy their banana crème pies, their apple pies, and their amazing breakfast selection since I really enjoy breakfast foods.

S & N Pizzeria Inc

If it is a rainy day at the lake or if it is just the right night to stay in, S & N Pizza is the place to go to get pizza and a movie. You can rent fairly new movies and order delicious pizza. In my opinion, their pizzas are almost as good as Jet’s Pizza. They also make more than just pizzas. They make subs, salads, bread sticks with and without cheese, cinnamon sticks, calzones, pizza balls, pasta, and wings!

Dewey’s Trading Post

Dewey’s Trading Post is a great place to get essential groceries and high-quality cut meat. They were voted “Best Place to Buy Meat” in Clinton County in 2011. Not only can you buy smoked or fresh cut meats there, you can also bring in your venison and have it specially cut for you. I can always stop at Dewey’s Trading Post for anything I need.

The Country Bakery

At this bakery, they make freshly baked desserts. Their donuts are their specialty! Around the time that corn is done growing, they have a large box filled with corn, a cash box, and a price sheet located in their parking lot. People are able to come by, pick up however many corn stalks they want, and place how much they owe in the cash box. I felt like this was a neat feature that adds a friendly and trusting feel in the Maple Rapids community.

Maple Rapids Garden Center & Maple Rapids Public Library

The Maple Rapids Garden Center is a company that helps others provide for their garden and lawns, and offer tips for fellow gardeners throughout the community. They hold events, workshops, and sell organic plants and flowers. There is also a public library in Maple Rapids. They have all kinds of books to check out, books available for purchase, and even movies that you can rent for up to a week.

I am so thankful to have a family lake house that is just the perfect distance to get away and enjoy some fun in the sun. Every time I drive there taking Francis Road, I smell the mint growing on acres of land, it reminds me of the great times I’ve had at the lake house and the excitement to create more great memories. Maple Rapids might be considered a little village to some but it is pretty big in my heart.