Valentine’s Day Hot Spots in Michigan

Love is always in the air in February! With the most romantic holiday being the highlight of the month, it isn’t a surprise that roses, jewelry and chocolate are flying off the shelves. The plus of Valentine’s Day this year is that it falls on a Sunday, making it perfect for a quick weekend getaway. We’ve highlighted a few cities to take your boo to for the holiday weekend.

Photo by Paz Arando on Unsplash

Animal Enthusiasts

We all know what Michigan weather can be like, so going to the Detroit Zoo is a play by ear destination for Valentine’s Day. I would highly suggest visiting if the weather allows it. It is fun to see the animals in the snow and you and your significant other can keep each other warm; what’s more romantic than that? After the Detroit Zoo, go warm up at the new Sea Life Michigan Aquarium which is about 30 minutes away. And the dining options between Royal Oak and Auburn Hills are plentiful so you won’t go hungry either.

Beer Enthusiasts

If beer is more you and your significant other’s taste, head to Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids has been known as the Beer Capital of Michigan and with so many breweries, it’s easy to understand why. I’d offer you suggestions, but there are too many great options to choose from. Here is an awesome beer map that would be helpful though.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Winter isn’t for everyone, but it is for some. Those couples who enjoy the great outdoors should head to Munising. Munising is the perfect location for outdoor activities. The most romantic would be a snowmobile out on Lake Superior during sunset. It is a breathtaking sight that you and your significant other are sure to enjoy. Then the two of you can curl up by a fire to warm up and enjoy a night in each other’s arms.

Sports Enthusiasts

Michigan has an assortment of minor league sports teams, but all of the major league teams are located in the D. The Detroit Lions haven’t been good in god knows how long, but Ford Field is pretty impressive and a tour might be fun for you and your significant other. Unfortunately, Comerica Park only runs tours June through September, which makes sense with the weather. If you’d prefer to catch a game, the Red Wings are in action on Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Wine Enthusiasts

When someone mentions Traverse City, my mind instantly goes to wineries. They have an abundance of wineries and you could spend a whole day jumping from location to location (look into the bus tours if you don’t have a designated driver). Traverse City also has great shopping — guys suck it up — and even spas for massages to complete your weekend.