Michigan’s A Massive Minor League Sports Machine

Sometimes I get a little envious of my friends living in Chicago because of their abundance of sports teams. I mean, you’ve got all the major sports right there and you even get TWO major league baseball teams. It seems a bit unfair as I call Grand Rapids home and the closest major league sports I have are 3 hours in either direction.

Growing up in the Saginaw/Flint area in the 1980s gave me a bit of a unique perspective on sports, however, as my family often took in minor league hockey games by the Flint Generals. I wasn’t a big hockey fan, but it was still a great way to take in some quality sports at a relatively inexpensive price. Over the years, Michigan has really become a booming location for minor league sports teams, especially with the proliferation of great venues for minor league baseball.

Just how pervasive are minor league sports in Michigan? Check this out:

There’s a little bit of everything to choose from on this list. For baseball fans, your options include:

Basketball has the Detroit Pistons affiliate the Grand Rapids Drive.

Hockey teams include:

Football teams:

Soccer teams:

That’s a lot of choices of high quality sports even for the discerning sports fan in Michigan. While I really miss the glory Arena Football days of the excellent teams fielded by the Detroit Drive and Grand Rapids Rampage, there are definitely plenty of options so maybe I should just keep quiet and enjoy the bounty we already have.

Featured image courtesy of Joel Dinda.