Horrocks Farm Market: A Lansing Attraction

When you get off Exit 93B in Lansing, it is hard to miss Horrocks Farm Market. The store has largely taken over the Saginaw and Canal corner and during its busiest times, there can be a line to get in and out of the parking lot. Why do people flock to Horrocks Farm Market though? We share what makes this place so special.

Where is Horrocks Farm Market?

Horrocks Farm Market in Lansing is located at 7420 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917.

The same owners have a location in Battle Creek at 5801 Beckley Road, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

There are other locations in Grand Rapids that are distant family members of the Lansing and Battle Creek location.  

What are Horrocks hours?

The store is open from 7 am to 10 pm. The Tavern opens at 7 am also but has a last call at 9 pm before it closes at 9:30. The Beer Garden does not open until 11 and has a last call at 9.

Can you drink at Horrocks Farm Market?

Yes, you can drink at Horrocks Farm Market! The store has an indoor bar known as the Tavern, but the Beer Garden is a year-round draw for a lot of customers.

The Tavern is located in the back of the store. Perfect for going to pick up a beverage to shop with as you make your way back through the store. The Tavern is located next to the store’s beer and wine section. The staff is knowledgeable about their offerings and can help you find your favorite or something new to try.

The Beer Garden is next to the Garden Center with many picnic tables and chairs to sit back and relax while you enjoy your drink. There is a pond with a water feature that attracts ducks that are fun for kids to watch. There is also live music regularly playing for you to enjoy. If you want to make an evening out of visiting the Beer Garden, grab a pizza from indoors or visit one of the stationed food trucks for a bite.    

What can I buy at Horrocks Farm Market?

Horrocks has a wide assortment of goods. From nationally known brands to their own products, you are likely to be able to find what you need at Horrocks. Some worthwhile items you will want to check out include:

Carmel Apples

Carmel apples aren’t just a fall thing at Horrocks. The store offers them year-round, and they are gourmet and covered in nuts and fun candy! They are so large that you will want to think about splitting it with someone!

Garden Center

Considering Horrocks got its start as a Christmas tree farm, you better believe they have a vast garden center. Whether you’re looking for annuals or perennials, or want to grow your own food, Horrocks has what you need. They also have the supplies and ceramic pots for you to make your gardening dreams come true.  

Oil & Vinegar

An easy way to change up meals is with a new marinade and Horrocks has you covered with different oils and vinegars to make that happen. They have unique flavors and also basics such as olive oils and balsamic vinegar.  


Horrocks smells heavenly when they are making some of their sweet popcorn. A few notable flavors include turtle, cookies and cream and brown sugar and cinnamon. If you prefer your popcorn slaty, consider dill pickle, parmesan garlic or classic movie theater.


The store is well stocked with produce. They do especially well highlight seasonal fruit and veggies. In the fall, the apple selection seems to be endless.


One of the newest additions to Horrocks is the pizzeria. The pizzeria has classic pizzas, specialty pizzas and a build-your-own option. At times, they have pizza by the slice, but in my experience, these pizza slices go fast when they are busy.  

Have you been to Horrocks? Let us know what your must-buys are when you’re there!