Disc Golf Courses in Michigan

Disc golf, sometimes called frisbee golf, has become an increasingly popular game over the years, and with the increasing popularity has come more courses opening up for players to enjoy. For disc golf enthusiasts, Michigan is a great place to be in the warmer months as there are courses throughout the state. We’ve assembled a map of Michigan courses to help you find a disc golf course near you the next time you’re looking to play.

Campus View DIsc Golf10255 42nd AveAllendale Charter Twp49401
Mary Beth Doyle-Disc Golf Course3191 Chelsea CirAnn Arbor48108
Bandemer Disc Golf1352 Lake Shore DrAnn Arbor48104
Civic Center Disc Golf Course Parking1800 Valleyview DrAuburn Hills48326
Kimball Pines Disc Golf1150 Michigan AveBattle Creek49014
Dexter Lake Disc Golf1541 Michigan AveBattle Creek49014
Smash Park Disc Golf Course1301-1449 Merrick StBelding48809
Grand Isle Park Rotary Disc Golf Course6206 W River Dr NEBelmont49306
Calumet Lake Disc Golf CourseWaterworks StCalumet49913
Lincoln Park Disc Golf620 W Shepherd StCharlotte48813
Ryan Schmidt Memorial Disc Golf Course6970 Andersonville RdCity of the Village of Clarkston48346
Goldenrod Disc Golf Course6405 Irish RdDavison48423
Detroit Palmer Park Disc Golf Course1121 Merrill Plaisance StDetroit48203
Hudson Mills Disc Golf Course8801 N Territorial RdDexter48130
Founders Sports Park – Disc Golf35500 W 8 Mile RdFarmington Hills48335
Freeport Disc Golf CourseW Cherry StFreeport49325
Johnson Park Disc Golf Course3999 Butterworth St SWGrand Rapids49534
Riverside Park2001 Monroe Ave NEGrand Rapids49505
Garfield Park Disc Golf Course2007 Jefferson Ave SEGrand Rapids49507
Grant Disc Golf Course300 N Park DrGrant49327
K.I. Sawyer- Disc Golf Course114 LancerGwinn49841
Silver Creek Disc Golf331 Silver Creek RdHarvey49855
Hammond Hills Disc Golf CourseHammond RdHastings49058
Shore Acres Disc Golf CourseShore Acres Township Park, 6602 138th AveHolland49423
Sorensen Park Disc Golf Course5142 E Holly RdHolly48442
Holly Woods Disc Golf5300 McGinnis RdHolly48442
Burchfield Disc Golf CourseBurchfield ParkHolt48842
Wellspring Church Disc Golf Course4466 Bauer RdHudsonville49426
The Tailings Disc Golf Course110 N River AveIron River49935
Knollwood Disc Golf Course1500 Greenwood AveKalamazoo49006
Old Farm Park2350 Embro Dr SEKentwood49508
The Baddlands Disc Golf Course5477 Pratt RdLapeer48446
Fallasburg Park Disc Golf14100 McPherson St NELowell49331
Black Locust Disc Golf Course2240 W Buno RdMilford48380
Kensington Disc GolfHuron River PkwyMilford48381
Henderson Lake Disc Golf Course10834 Henderson RdMontague49437
Boom Park Disc Golf Course149 Ottawa StMuskegon49442
Negaunee Disc Golf Club117 E Lincoln StNegaunee49866
Old Town Disc Golf CourseIron Ore Heritage TrailNegaunee49866
Cass Benton Hills Disc Golf Course18418 Northville RdNorthville48168
Seymour Lake Park Disc Golf Course2795 Seymour Lake RdOxford48371
Riverview Grasslands DGC17800 Kennebec StRiverview48193
Grizzly Oaks Disc Golf CourseMeadow Brook RdRochester48309
Wickes Disc Golf Course3475 Hospital RdSaginaw48603
Devil’s Creek Disc Golf Course21000 W 10 Mile RdSouthfield48075
Far Hill Disc Golf Course379 N State StSparta49345
Lakeshore Disc Golf Complex925 Wilson RdSpring Lake49456
Begg Park Disc Golf Course53 Military StSpringfield49037
The Hill Disc Golf CourseHaskell StTaylor48180
Hickory Hills Disc Golf2000 Randolph StTraverse City49684
Frolf Friends Disc Golf Course1810 W Square Lake RdTroy48098
Pontiac Lake Recreation Area Disc Golf Course7800 Gale RdWaterford Twp48327
DII564 S Payne Lake RdWayland49348
Breakers Disc Golf of Summit Church15020 Stanton StWest Olive49460
Whitehall Township Disc Golf Course8121-8129 Lorenson RdWhitehall49461
Lamar Disc Golf2561 Porter St SWWyoming49519
Frisci Disc Golf Pro Shop2323 Lee St SWWyoming49519
Eastern Michigan University Disc Golf Course1904 Collegewood StYpsilanti48197
Lake Shore Disc Golf Course2300 Lakeshore BlvdYpsilanti Charter Twp48198

What is disc golf?

Disc golf is a sport that involves throwing a disc or a frisbee into a basket or a target. The objective of the game is similar to traditional golf, but instead of hitting a ball with clubs, players throw a flying disc from a tee area toward a target basket.

The course is typically laid out in a park or wooded area and consists of a series of holes with varying lengths and obstacles. Players throw the disc from a designated tee area towards the basket, and each throw is counted as a stroke.

The winner is determined by the number of throws it takes to complete the course. The player with the fewest strokes at the end of the game wins.

How popular is disc golf?

It’s difficult to estimate the exact number of people who play disc golf since the sport doesn’t have a formal registration system. However, according to a survey conducted by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) in 2020, there were over 62,000 active members of the association in over 40 countries around the world. This number represents only a portion of the overall disc golf community, as many people who play the sport are not necessarily members of the PDGA. Additionally, the popularity of disc golf has been growing steadily in recent years, with more and more courses being built and more people taking up the sport as a hobby or competitive activity.

When did people start playing disc golf?

The origins of disc golf can be traced back to the 1960s. The modern version of the game, as we know it today, was invented in the early 1970s by “Steady Ed” Headrick, a California man who was also known as the “father of disc golf.” Headrick was a professional toy designer who had been involved in the development of the Frisbee, and he saw the potential for using flying discs as a tool for playing golf. In 1975, he founded the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), which has since become the governing body for the sport. Today, disc golf has a growing following, with courses located all over the world and professional players competing in major tournaments.

What equipment is needed to play?

To play disc golf, you will need a few essential pieces of equipment:

  1. Discs: The most important piece of equipment for playing disc golf is the disc itself. You will need at least one disc to play, but most players carry several different types of discs in their bag to account for different distances, wind conditions, and shot shapes. There are three main types of discs: drivers, midranges, and putters. Drivers are designed for long distances, midranges are designed for shorter distances and more accuracy, and putters are designed for the final shot into the basket.
  2. Basket: The basket is the target for the disc golf shot. It consists of a metal cage with chains that hang from the top to catch the disc. The basket is usually mounted on a pole and stands about four feet tall.
  3. Tee Pad: The tee pad is the starting point for each hole. It is a flat, concrete or rubber surface that provides a stable footing for the player’s throw.
  4. Bag: A disc golf bag is used to carry your discs around the course. They come in different sizes and can hold anywhere from a few discs to over 20.

Other optional equipment includes towels to clean your discs, water bottles or hydration packs, and a course map or scorecard to keep track of your progress. Some players also use gloves, hats, or other gear to improve their grip or protect themselves from the sun or cold weather.

Where can I learn more about disc golf?

There are lots of great resources for people who want to learn more about this increasingly popular game. Here are just a few that we recommend: