Top Trivia Bars in Michigan

Over the last 10 years, bars across Michigan have begun to host trivia nights, and they have become wildly successful. People flock to trivia nights to test their knowledge, have fun with friends and have some drinks. Some trivia nights have a weekly team setup and are very competitive. Others are more for the casual trivia player looking to test their memory and be entertained.

The commons setup is for a trivia master to run the event, using an MC style to command the room’s attention. Bar TVs are switched away from sports and weather to show questions. Some trivia nights have a modern setup with touch pads to answer questions while others are still pen and paper. There is one consistent aspect of trivia nights – NO PHONES ALLOWED!

Most bars are packed on their respective trivia nights of the week. Here is a list of some of the best and most fun trivia bars across Michigan, along with their listed weekly trivia nights.

Restaurants and Bars for Sunday Trivia

  • Bobcat Bonnie’s – Multiple locations throughout Michigan. Trivia is held on the first Sunday of the month.
  • Play Station Pub in Grand Rapids

Restaurants and Bars for Monday Trivia

Restaurants and Bars for Tuesday Trivia

Restaurants and Bars for Wednesday Trivia

Restaurants and Bars for Thursday Trivia

And there are many more great bars around the state that offer weekly trivia nights. So get out there with your friends and test your knowledge and memory while you enjoy some great food and drinks at fun Michigan establishments. And if can’t get out or want to work on our trivia skills during the day, (bored at work…?) you can check out a site like All The Trivia to answer questions on a variety of categories!