Best Restaurants in Albion, Michigan

As someone who has lived in Albion, I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed food at each of these restaurants and eateries quite a few times. The city of Albion has many tried and true eateries that have been around for over 100 years, as well as up and coming restaurants that are bringing variety to Albion’s dinning options.

These restaurants are listed in no particular order. Visit each of these restaurants to decide for yourself the best restaurant in Albion.

Cascarelli’s of Albion

116 S Superior St, Albion, MI 49224


Located in downtown Albion on Superior Street, Cascarelli’s has been around for a very long time – since 1909 to be exact. Cascarelli’s is known for having the best pizza in town, but they also have many great entrees including prime rib, ribs, and burgers. Cascarelli’s is a great gathering place to watch sports, cater an event or party, or just hang out. The restaurant can get busy on weekends, so try to get here before the lunch or dinner rush to ensure that you get a table and fast service. The breadsticks are a must-have appetizer every time you come in. Be sure to check out their daily specials!

Bonus Tip: Once you’ve gone to Cascarelli’s of Albion, it’s worthwhile to check out Cascarelli’s of Homer. It’s only a 15 minute drive from Albion and it offers a different vibe, food, and drink options.

Little Red Lunch Box

117 E Michigan Ave, Albion, MI 49224


If it wasn’t bright red, you would easily miss this tiny building located just down the road from Albion College on Michigan Ave. Little Red Lunch Box is run entirely by one person, Sue, who cooks your breakfast or lunch just a few feet away from where you are sitting. Everything on the menu is homemade and the items on the menu change frequently, but they are well known for breakfast food and burgers. Little Red Lunch Box is easily walkable for many Albion College students and is a must-visit for any home-sick students in need of some excellent home-cooked food.

La Casa Mexicana

1510 N Eaton St, Albion, MI 49224


In my opinion, this is the best sit-down Mexican restaurant in Albion. The food is excellent and the margheritas are the best in Albion. There are plenty of combination plates that you can choose from, or you can build your own plate. Like any good Mexican restaurant, they provide free chips and homemade salsa to start. This is also a very popular place to celebrate birthdays as the staff always make a big deal out of it if it is someone’s birthday. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on specials and events.

Lopez Taco House

205 N Superior St, Albion, MI 49224


People from Albion are either team La Casa Mexicana or team Lopez Taco House, and you’ll need to figure that out for yourself. All of the food at Lopez is great, but their tacos and enchiladas are phenomenal. Many people go to Lopez Taco House for either Taco Tuesday or Wet Burrito Wednesday. If you’re craving Mexican takeout that isn’t Taco Bell, Lopez makes it easy to order takeout for all of their food. You can call and order a dozen or more tacos at a very low price. Unfortunately, a fire recently damaged much of the building, so they could use your business more than ever to get through a tough time.

Albion Malleable Brewing Company

420 S Superior St, Albion, MI 49224


The one and only brewery in Albion opened its doors in 2017 and has been making excellent beers ever since. They offer beers in a wide range of styles, and they have other non-beer beverages as well, so it’s a great destination for everyone. Along with beer, Albion Malleable has a fairly extensive food menu that includes appetizers, sandwiches, soups and salads, and burgers. They even won’s best Michigan burger award for 2020! You also can’t find better live music in Albion, so check out their website for their live music calendar.

Foundry Bakehouse and Deli

400 S Superior St., Albion, MI 49224


Relatively new to the scene in Albion is Foundry Bakehouse and Deli, which is quickly becoming well known for their breakfast and lunch options. Many people think that they offer the best sandwiches and soups in Albion. Come in early in the morning to grab a coffee and muffin, or stop by in the afternoon to get a fast bite. All of their food is made with high-quality ingredients.

Charlie’s Tavern

111 W Porter St, Albion, MI 49224


Charlie’s Tavern is a favorite among Albion locals, many of them say that Charlie’s has the best pizza in town. You can also find burgers, wings, hot dogs, soup, salad, and sandwiches at Charlie’s Tavern. They also make homemade corned beef and cabbage, which is a must-order if it is being offered. Being a tavern, they also have some great drink specials throughout the week. Take a look at their whiteboard whenever you walk in to see what they are offering.

Full Moon Restaurant

200 B-Drive N, Albion, MI 49224

Full Moon Restaurant is tucked away off of Eaton Street just south of the I-94 East on-ramp. Full Moon is a great place to go at any time, but it is best known as a top breakfast destination in Albion. Breakfast options include skillets, crepes, pancakes, waffles, with chocolate chip pancakes, huevos rancheros, and even a pancake sandwich! They post their weekly specials near the entrance, many of which include lunch and dinner specials like steak, pasta, and burger night.

Bonus: Whatever is going in the old Albion railroad warehouse building

301 N Clinton St, Albion, MI

This building has been home to quite a few restaurants and bars over the years. Formerly known as Davan’s Tavern, it changed hands a few years ago and became Gina’s Pizza and Deli. Sadly, Gina’s recently closed its doors, but a new restaurant is expected to occupy this building soon, so stay tuned!

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Jan Pewsey, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons