Top 5 Ice Cream Spots in Grand Rapids

There is never a shortage of ice cream in Grand Rapids and with dozens of spots around you will always be able to find somewhere to cure your sweet tooth. Ice cream is just one of those things where people can find common ground, it is magic. Whether you’re looking to cool down after a hot day at the beach or it’s a brutal Michigan winter and you’re just craving it, this guide will lead you to the 5 best spots in the city.


This popular shop is located on Wealthy Street and is open 7 days a week. The location is great because there are so many other shops nearby it can be fun to grab your ice cream and walk around Eastown. Although they do not have many topping options, they do consistently have 30 delicious flavors to choose from so you can always try something new. Pinkie’s also offers sundaes, shakes, and novelty dishes like banana splits. Unlike other ice cream shops in Grand Rapids, Pinkie’s is open year round. They know that regardless of the season, it is always a good time for ice cream.

Love’s Ice Cream

The handcrafted ice cream at Love’s puts an exciting twist on the classics. They retrieve all of their ingredients from small Michigan farms and take pride in sourcing so locally. Their emphasis on organic produce and grass-fed dairy ensures you are eating only the most wholesome desserts. Besides dairy ice cream, Love’s also offers vegan options, sorbet, and baked goods – all made from scratch. Because of the seasonality of various ingredients, there are always new interesting flavors to try. You can find Love’s Ice Cream year round at their shop located in the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids.

Furniture City Creamery

This ice cream shop may be tiny (less than 500 sq. ft.) but it is mighty! Furniture City Creamery is a spot many Grand Rapids residents are unaware of, but those that know about it, can’t get enough. In their small space, they manage to not only make all of their ice cream from scratch but also offer a wide selection of flavors. There are two women who make the fresh ice cream from locally sourced ingredients and even create delicious vegan ice cream, toppings, and waffle cones. Maybe the reason I like Furniture City Creamery so much is that their desserts are made with obvious love all year.

The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market

Located in the Cherry Hill District, this cute ice cream shop offers a large variety of sweet treats. They serve Ludington MI’s House of Flavors which includes sorbet, sherbet, ice cream and yogurt. Although they are only open seasonally, their outdoor seating makes it worth the wait. Their rotating selection of flavors will always guarantee you have something fun to try, and each option pairs nicely with their freshly made waffle cones. If you are walking around this wonderful east side neighborhood, be sure to visit The Parlor at Cherry Hill Market for a dog-friendly, reasonably priced, and delicious experience.

Jersey Junction

The beloved ice cream parlor, Jersey Junction, is my favorite on this list. This traditional hand-dipped ice cream shop has been a Grand Rapids gem since 1963 and has only become more loved as time goes on. Here you will find a line out the door any given day, but it is always worth the wait. From the friendly staff to unbeatable Hudsonville ice cream, you will never leave unsatisfied. One of the reasons the Jersey Junction is so popular is because of the history it carries with it, including the old school benches customers are allowed to sign. Whether you are in town visiting or just want a slice of Grand Rapids history and amazing ice cream, stop in the Jersey Junction at the Gaslight Village!