Michigan Pro and College Sports Blogs

It’s a fun time of year to be a pro and/or college sports fan in Michigan right now, as there’s a lot of activity. Let’s run down what’s going on in December:

  • Bowl games for multiple college squads (and playoffs for the lower divisions)
  • NFL football
  • NBA basketball
  • College hoops
  • NHL hockey
  • College hockey
  • MLB winter meetings

That’s a LOT of sports, even for the most adamant of fans. I fancy myself a major consumer of sports information, and I like to keep up on the inside scoop(s) for most of the local teams. While you can always just read the news, you can oftentimes find more insider information or get some deeper insights on the many sports blogs for your favorite Michigan professional and college teams. If you haven’t yet delved into the blogosphere for following your favorite local teams, I’ll provide you with a list that should give you everything you need to know.

The Pros

RedwingsWinging it in Motown. This SBNation blog has the most fan activity and is an excellent source of Red Wings news on everything from post-game analysis, general news, and trade rumors.

TigersBless You Boys. Hard to beat the name of this excellent Tigers blog, and I’m a long time lurker for the in-depth reviews of the minor league system and the intensely passionate comment sections during game threads.

LionsPride of Detroit. Another SBNation blog, the fan posts on here provide some great takes on free agency and all kinds of thoughts on Matthew Stafford. While the focus is on the Lions, there are also some nice features like the Power Rankings that keep you in the loop on the rest of the league.

PistonsDetroit Bad Boys. You want to get in endless debates about trade scenarios and cap space with complete strangers? This blog is your ticket. While the Pistons may still be mired in mediocrity, there’s always spirited debate on the Detroit Bad Boys blog.

The Colleges

MichiganMGoBlog. If you can get over just how truly terrible the message board functionality is on this site, you can stay for the blog and catch some truly amazing recruiting data visualizations along with news, previews, and updates on Michigan football, basketball, and hockey.

Michigan StateThe Only Colors. The best blog by a long shot for following along with the Spartans’ football and basketball squads, one of the best features is the follow up on Spartans who have gone pro in the NBA and NFL. Want to know what happened to Deyonta Davis? You can find out on The Only Colors.

Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Eastern MichiganHustle Belt. The MAC schools don’t get quite the activity of the Big Ten schools, but you can still keep up with the latest news on all of the Division I directional schools, as well as the rest of the MAC across all sports on the Hustle Belt.

Any favorite blogs that we missed? If so, let us know!

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