Unique Ice Cream Shops Around Michigan

Michigan is full of ice cream shops that provide tasty treats for its customers. Ice cream shops are a popular destination for Michiganders, especially during the summer. We know and love several Michigan ice cream brands, such as Hudsonville and Guernsey. The Mitten State is also one of the few places you can find flavors such as Blue Moon, Superman and Mackinac Island Fudge. Find out where to get some of Michigan’s favorite ice cream flavors or classics at unique ice cream shops in Michigan.

Grindstone General Store – Port Austin, MI

Located in Port Austin, the Grindstone General Store takes pride in being a family destination since 1890. The shop offers over 34 flavors of both homemade and Stroh’s ice cream. The real treat here is the mere size of the ice cream. A single scoop, called the Baby Scoop weighs a whopping 14 ounces! Customers can choose to have their ice cream in a cup or a delicious waffle cone.

Frosty Boy – Grand Rapids and Rockford, MI

Frosty Boy proudly serves Michigan made ice cream and caters to its customers with varying dietary needs. For vegans and lactose intolerant customers, Frosty Boy serves vegan/non-dairy soft serve. Additionally, there are vegan shakes and flurries available. All of their soft serve is gluten-free, and they also offer gluten-free waffle cones that are handmade.

Treat Dreams – Ferndale, MI

Ferndale’s Treat Dreams has vegan ice cream options for its customers, as well as offering some unique flavors. Their menu features flavors such as hot jalapeno, lavender honey, lemon basil and coconut chai-tea. This is a must stop for any adventurous foodie that wants to try some out of the box flavors!

Blank Slate Creamery – Ann Arbor, MI

Blank Slate Creamery is a family-owned shop that creates its ice cream from Guernsey Farms Dairy. The store additionally offers non-dairy options, including their famous balsamic strawberry ice cream with non-dairy coconut. Blake Slate Creamery offers ice cream cupcakes which can be bulk ordered through their online ordering, which is called Scoop-n-Swoop. You can also order pints, quarts and other tasty treats through Scoop-n-Swoop and you can tell them when you will come to pick them up.

The Custard Hut – Dearborn Heights, MI

This ice cream shop has become famous for their waffle custard sandwiches. Customers can choose between their custard flavors and have it sandwiched between two fresh waffles. They can be topped with sprinkles, coconut shavings, fruity pebbles and more! The tasty treat is dusted with powdered sugar and is wrapped in tin foil, making it easy to hold. They also offer traditional waffle cones.

MSU Dairy Store – East Lansing, MI

Michigan State University runs its own dairy store as a part of its Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. They make, package and sell their delicious products at two locations on their campus. Customers can choose between a single scoop all the way to a 3-gallon tub. They have fun creating their own flavors that have names which are Big Ten-related. Their Sesquicentennial Swirl was created after the university celebrated its 150th birthday. Other fun flavors include the Buckeye Blitz and Izzo’s Malted Madness.

Milk & Honey – Traverse City, MI

Milk & Honey has several house flavors available for their customers, and they also let their customers create their own flavors. They use frozen granite that allows customers to pick and choose exactly what they want in their ice cream. Customizing orders to their customer’s needs is their priority with add-ins including their house fudge, caramel, whipped cream and more. Their namesake flavor also features Michigan honey.

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