Michigan’s Drive-In Movie Theaters

Despite living in the age of streaming services like Netflix, a night at the drive-in movie theater is still magical. There is something special about watching a movie outdoors bundled in blankets and comfy sweatshirts. Drive-in movie theaters are perfect for date night, as well as for a fun night out with family or friends. Michigan has held on to eight of the previous 150 drive-in movie theaters it once had, and they all make watching movies more fun. Many drive-in theaters allow you to bring your own snacks and even the family dog. Grab your popcorn and your movie date and head to one of these eight Michigan drive-in movie theatres this summer.

Eastern Michigan

Dearborn – Ford Drive-In

The Ford Drive-In opened in 1950 and has the largest parking area of any American drive-in, capable of holding more than 3,000 vehicles. You can catch a double-feature movie on one of its five screens year-round. Admission is $10.50 for adults and $3.99 for children 6 and up.

Carsonville – Hi-Way Drive-In

Carsonville’s drive-in opened in 1948 and proudly proclaims itself as Michigan’s longest-running outdoor movie. Movies start at sunset and admission is $8.50 for adults and $6.50 for children 3 and up.

Flint – US 23 Drive-In Theater

A summer treat since 1952, the US 23 Drive-In Theater has three upgraded digital screens. The theater is open seven days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Adult admission is $9 and tickets for children 3 and up are $7.

West Michigan

Hartford – Sunset Drive-In

At the Sunset Drive-In, you can pay by the carload and enjoy the theater’s playground before the show. The Hartford drive-in was established in 1948 and is open on the weekends. While outside food and drink are not allowed, they have a full concession stand to purchase snacks and beverages.

Muskegon – Getty Drive-In

The Getty Drive-In was established in 1948 and has four screens. Like many drive-ins, double features are a tradition at the Getty. Feel free to bring your kids, snacks, and the family dog. Adult tickets are $10.50 and tickets for children 6 and up are $5.50. On Tuesdays, tickets are even cheaper!

Dowagiac – 5 Mile Drive-In

Another drive-in where you can pay admission per car, the 5 Mile Drive-In is open on weekends and has a playground. The theater is over 50 years old and maintains its double feature tradition.

Honor – Cherry Bowl Drive-In

Since 1953, the Cherry Bowl Drive-In has been showing Michiganders a unique and good time. The theatre is complete with a playground, volleyball court, movie collectibles, golf, homemade refreshments, and a home run derby. The theater specializes in evoking nostalgia and is committed to transporting visitors back to the 1950s. Enjoy a double feature and a trip down memory lane.

Southern Michigan

Coldwater – Capri Drive-In

Open on weekends, the Capri Drive-In was established in 1964 and has two screens. The theater is capable of fitting 1,000 cars and is stocked with a full snack bar. Admission is $9 for adults and $5 for kids ages 5 and up. Back in the day, their location was ideal for travelers going from Detroit to Chicago.