Unique Gyms in Michigan

Starting the new year with new fitness goals in mind? You need a gym that will help you stay committed to your workouts! We’ve rounded up specialized gyms across Michigan to sweat at in 2018.

The Barre Code

Metro Detroit | Ann Arbor | Grand Rapids | East Lansing

The Barre Code is known for its girl power, but it isn’t just for females! The Barre Code offers classes that focus on cardio, strength training or restoration. The classes run 50 minutes and some studios offer Kids Rooms to ensure you have no excuse not to get your workout in!

Joust Strength + Fitness

Ann Arbor

Joust Strength + Fitness primarily focuses on CrossFit classes for the Ann Arbor area. They do have classes that pair well with CrossFit as well which include yoga, kettlebell and endurance training. The gym also offers Open Gym times for those who would like to come in and use the equipment they may not have access to.

MP Fit Club

Mt. Pleasant

MP Fit Club has a little bit of everything. Located in Mt. Pleasant, this gym offers classes from sun up to sun down. Classes run between 45 minutes to an hour, so you can pick a class that works best with your schedule. Having a variety of classes to choose from can help prevent you from becoming bored with your workout routine.

East Lansing Hot Yoga & Sister Studios

East Lansing | Lansing | Haslett

Looking for a hot yoga studio in the mid-Michigan area? East Lansing Hot Yoga and its sister studios in the surrounding cities are perfect. Hot yoga is a perfect way to cleanse your body and release toxins. Each instructor crafts their own classes, so classes may be similar, but you’ll never take the same exact class more than once. The group of studios will add a fourth location in the new year.

FLEXcity Fitness

Grand Rapids | Lansing

Need a well-rounded workout? FLEXcity Fitness is perfect for that. The 56-minute class combines strength training and cardio with restoration to wrap up class. Cardio features a treadmill and spin bike portion. Strength training varies sometimes using weights, other times using TRX bands, and they also work in abs. FLEX will really push you mentally and physically.

CKO Kickboxing

Grand Rapids 

Want to let out some aggression while getting a workout in? Try kickboxing. There are a variety of kickboxing classes you can take in Grand Rapids, but CKO focuses on kickboxing, making it one of the best places to try a class. The studio offers a variety of classes at different times so it’s great for any busy person.

Did we miss your favorite unique gym? Tell us in the comments!

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