Small Michigan Companies that Give Back in a Big Way

In today’s PR-driven society, most companies in the public eye tend to do what they can to benefit society to bolster a positive image, but what about the smaller companies? Not all of them give back, but some go the extra mile. Here are a few small, Michigan companies who deserve recognition for the work they do.

Tried and True Too Thrift Store

As with any other secondhand store, the Tried and True Too Thrift Store in Southfield helps the community by selling clothing and household items at affordable prices, but their real donation to the community comes through their employees. The store hires people with disabilities to run the store in the hope of integrating them more fully into the community. With about 25 employees at any given time, they’ve helped dozens of people through their employment program.

Detroit Water Ice

This desert not only serves up a healthy snack but also donates all its profits back to charity. Water Ice, which has a consistency somewhere between shaved ice and sherbet, is completely fat-free, dairy-free, and cholesterol free. The company sells the snack in order to raise funds for S.A.Y Detroit (Super All Year), which operates as a 100% dollar-in-dollar-out charity to provide resources for everyone from newborns to senior citizens to the homeless.


As an IT management firm, charity isn’t written into CompuCraft’s business model as it is with most of the entries on this list, but it is a huge part of who they are as a company. They are highly involved with many non-profits, organizations, and charities in the Grand Rapids area, and have done work with ArtPrize and TedxGrandRapids. Perhaps most impressive, they also do a great deal of charity work in Honduras building orphanages, teaching entrepreneurship, and helping to bring clean water to the region.

Detroit Bus Company

After noting the poor quality of Detroit’s public transportation system, The Detroit Bus Company’s founder bought a bus to drive anyone along his route as much as they wanted for just $5. It soon evolved into more, however, as the company’s mission began to focus on providing free rides to Detroit students in the hopes of granting them access to resources outside of their neighborhoods. Today, for every seat purchased on one of their tours, they provide a free, safe ride for a Detroit child to school or after-school activity.

Endless Crowds

This crowdfunding site not only acts as a fundraising platform for First Responders and Military Veterans but also allows users to combine their efforts by pooling ideas and resources. Raised funds predominantly go toward entrepreneurial efforts and community initiatives by First Responders and Military Veterans, but the company believes funding is useless without the tools necessary to make an idea into reality. Endless Crowds gives this expertise in a hands-on approach, giving its users a higher likelihood of success.

Batch Brewing Company

This Michigan brewing company donates to their community through an initiative they created called Feelgood Tap. For the initiative, the company partners with a different local nonprofit or charity each month. Focusing on nonprofits that support community, culture, and wellness, the company crafts a specialty beer specifically for their partner, then sells the batch to their customers. A portion of each beer sold from the batch goes to their nonprofit or charity partner.