Best Spots for Northern Michigan Sunsets

Dunes Sunset Who doesn’t love a Michigan sunset? There are many popular places to catch the sun setting on a beautiful Michigan day. A sunset can be a very peaceful and relaxing end to a Northern Michigan day and allow for some great picture taking. The problem? Everyone else has the same idea. Especially in the summer when most are likely to be sunset chasing. Fret not, here are few well-kept secrets to beat the crowds and watch a sunset in relative peace and quiet.

Ludington State Park — Ludington

However — don’t just go to the beach where everyone else will be. Do into the park, climb one of the larger sand dunes and watch from there! Of course, mark your trail and bring a flashlight to get back to where you are going. But you will have a great chance of getting some peace and quiet while watching the sun set over Lake Michigan at a greater glance.

Tip of Old Mission Peninsula — Traverse City  

Now, like many of these suggestions, you won’t see the sunset all the way down as the Leelanau Peninsula, but the setting at the very tip of Old Mission is perfect. Drive past wineries on M-22 to the tip of the peninsula. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine from one of the local wineries and enjoy! Also, once the sun peaks down the tree line of the Leelanau, it will get you photo1 a good head start on getting to dinner in Traverse City!

Whitefish Point — Paradise

Whitefish Point provides an excellent setting for a sunset way over the big lake of Lake Superior. In the summer there will be some people out, but it is mainly sparse. There is plenty of beach to get out and away from others to enjoy a quiet and peaceful sunset. If you’re lucky, you may see freighters passing on their way up and downbound to Duluth or Sault Ste. Marie which makes for great pictures.

Grand Marais 

If you are in the neighborhood of the Upper Peninsula, hitting up the beach at Grand Marais would also provide a great setting for a sunset. The Grand Sable dunes and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore make for a great backdrop as the sun sets over the lake.

Pere Marquette River — Ludington/Scottsville

What? Not over a lake? Yes. Now this idea requires some work. But get out a county map and do some exploring in the acres of national forest that the Pere Marquette River winds through. You can come across spots where the sandy river bank is a 40-50 foot high; this makes for some great views over the river and the forest as the sun sets. Grab your trout rod and do some fishing while you wait for the sun to set!

If you’re looking for a complete list of beaches in Michigan to either watch a sunset or just play in the sand, check out this list of Michigan beaches! 

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