Moving to Detroit: The Coolest Urban Lofts

For those moving to Detroit from either other cities in Michigan or from out of state, it can be overwhelming finding a place to live. With its large square mileage, varying degrees of safety depending on the neighborhood, and the overall lack of information, Detroit is a daunting destination for new residents. However, this shouldn’t discourage people from moving to Michigan’s big city as there are a ton of amazing places to live; you just have to dig a little. In order to help consolidate some of these places, here is a list of just the best lofts to choose from in Detroit for those looking to live the real urban experience.

Loft Place

Loft Place is a Detroit company that owns a number of buildings brimming with unique and exciting lofts to choose from. Their buildings span across a number of neighborhoods, including Mexicantown, Midtown, Corktown, and Greektown. Their lofts are super affordable ranging from $500-$1000 depending on size, location, and amenities. Their best buildings that cover all three of these things are Greek Town Lofts, Lafayette Lofts, and 14th Street Lofts. Each loft gives off a gritty, artistic feel with interior brick accent walls, warehouse style windows, and more. Loft Place is great choice for those looking for affordable renting in some of the best neighborhoods in Detroit.

FD Lofts in Eastern Market

Eastern Market is one of Detroit’s best features, with delicious fresh produce and meat, fun and exciting events, music and dancing and more. The area is filled with enthusiasm and life, and living in the heart of it would mean endless fun. FD Lofts are located on Russell Street, across the street from Amco Produce and Wigley’s Meats & Produce. Although a little more pricey, these lofts are located in one of the safest neighborhoods in the city and feature huge floor plans with endless natural lighting and ambiance. For those looking to spend a little more and take part of the excitement that is Eastern Market, FD Lofts are a perfect choice.

Lofts at Rivertown

Located a few miles east of the center of downtown on E Jefferson Ave, the Lofts at Rivertown offer a large brick building filled with dream worthy lofts. The building is located just near the bridge to Belle Isle, making it a fun place to live and explore. These lofts are owned individually and are available for sale and for rent, either way, they are affordable. One of the best features is their large floor plans, onsite pool and gym, as well as their extra gated parking lot that you must swipe a key to get into. For those that don’t mind living away from the hustle and bustle of more central neighborhoods, Lofts at Rivertown could be a perfect fit.

Grinell Place Lofts

Grinell Place Lofts, located on Brooklyn St. in Corktown, offer beautifully maintained hardwood floors, interior brick walls, open floor plans, and private balconies. Choose a loft with a spiral staircase leading up to your lofted bedroom area or enjoy the views from the rooftop deck. These lofts combine luxury, location, as well as safety and are one of the best lofts in the area. Rent is a little pricey, averaging at $1,400 a month; however, you are getting what you pay for with these.

Other Cool Detroit Lofts to Check Out:

E & B Brewery Lofts in Eastern Market: 2000 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
Graphic Arts Lofts in Midtown: 41 Burroughs St, Detroit, MI 48202
Lofts of Merchant Row in Downtown: 1247 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226
Leland Lofts in Eastern Market: 1395 Antietam Ave, Detroit, MI 48207

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