Michigan Travel Destinations Based on Children’s Books

Author Kathy-jo Wargin has a way with words. Growing up on her books, I didn’t realize this, but as I’m reading the books to kids now, she has the ability to capture both adults and children with her unique writing style. As a kid, the books were simply a fun story, but now they have me wanting to travel to some of Michigan’s hottest travel locations. Read on to find out where you should travel in Michigan based on Wargin’s books:

The Legend of Sleeping Bear

One of the most beautiful places in America, Sleeping Bear Dunes are located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It is such a breathtaking site that it is hard to take it all in in just one day, meaning you’ll want to stay the night. There are a lot of camping options as well as hotels, cute inns, and homes or condos for those traveling in larger parties.
The best attraction is the dunes. A lot of families will climb the dunes and then take some breathtaking photos of Lake Michigan. But there is a lot more to do than just climb the dunes! There are two rivers nearby — Crystal Rivers and Platte Rivers — that are great for a canoe trip. This can be a family activity or just an activity for adults traveling solo. Another family-friendly activity is the biking trails, so don’t forget to load them up before heading to the Leelanau area.

If this is an adult only vacation, then the Wine Sippy Cups wineries are a for-sure stop. Black Star Farms is one of my favorites. I even ended up buying a couple of these adorable “wine sippy cups” there! Sandy Lane Cellars is also another good one that my friends and I enjoyed. I have never been to Leelanau Wine Cellar, but when I have bought their wines at Meijer, I have never been disappointed so I would add that to your list of stops as well.

The Legend of Mackinac Island

A must visit for Michiganders as well as tourists, Mackinac Island. No matter what age you are, there is something to do for everyone at Mackinac Island.

Biking around the island is one of the most popular family activities. Many of the bike rental locations have kids’ seats for those with children who are too young to make it all the way around the island.

Another family-friendly activity is horseback riding around the island. Trust me when I say these horses know what they are doing; they have traveled those trails so many times that it is second nature to them.

For adults, the nightlife on the island is hopping. The majority of the bars are on Main Street so I would start there when looking for a place to enjoy a few drinks.

Most importantly though, let’s talk about the fudge! If you don’t like fudge, I don’t like you. Fudge is delicious and Mackinac Island is known for it. There are so many flavors to try, which will make it hard to decide which to buy! Be sure to check out the yummy fudge shops on the island — Joann’s is a personal favorite of mine.


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