11 Facts About Lake Superior

Michigan is known as The Great Lake State, but not all of the Lakes get the same attention. Lake Superior is known for being the largest of the Great Lakes. In fact, it has more water than the other four Great Lakes combined, but what else is there to know about it? Read on to learn more.

  1. Lake Superior isn’t just the largest Great Lake, but it is the largest freshwater lake by volume in North America and the third largest in the world. By surface area, it is the largest freshwater lake in the world.
  2. The large volume is fed by over 300 streams and rivers feeding into Lake Superior. The largest river being Nipigon River coming from Ontario.
  3. Isle Royale is the largest, and possibly the most well-known island in Lake Superior, but it is just one of over 400 islands. Despite being the largest in Lake Superior, Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron is the largest in the Great Lakes.
  4. Lake Superior is the cleanest Great Lake. On average, you can see roughly 8 meters or 27 feet underwater. It is also why you can sometimes see the famous SS Edmund Fitzgerald wreckage.
  5. Speaking of wreckage, there have been 350 shipwrecks reported.
  6. The coldest of the Great Lakes, the average temperature is only 40°. The lake rarely ever fully freezes in the winter and if it does, it is usually for a short period of time.
  7. Lake Superior got its name from the French. Lac Superieur translates to Upper Lake.
  8. The largest wave to ever be recorded in Lake Superior is 40 feet. The roughest months on the Lake are October and November.
  9. The world’s longest freshwater sailboat race takes place on Lake Superior each year. The Trans-Superior International Yacht Race starts by Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, and ends near Duluth, Minnesota.
  10. While Lake Superior “belongs” to Michigan, the biggest city on the lake is Thunder Bay, Ontario.
  11. Over 80 species of fish call Lake Superior home. The fish are hunted by hawks, owls, loons, and eagles that live in the are. It is also home to 58 orchid species.

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